How do I apply a screen protector to my Galaxy S22?

Watch the video below to find out how to fit a Samsung screen protector to your S22.

Remove the parts from the box. These should include: the screen protector, a set of instructions, the phone cradle, a screen smoother, dust remover stickers and a screen cloth.

1 Remove the plastic strip from inside the phone cradle.
2 Place your phone into the phone cradle and make sure it is securely fitted.
3 Wipe down the phone screen with the screen cloth.
4 Use the dust remover stickers to remove any dust by placing and removing the dust removers across the screen one at a time.
5 Remove the middle plastic strip from the screen protector.
6 Place the screen protector onto the phone so that the exposed strip is face down onto the phone screen. Use the holes on the screen protector to line the protector up with the phone cradle and get an accurate fit.
7 Use the screen smoother to ensure a smooth seal, by moving the smoother across the now stuck strip, moving right to left and back, left to right.
8 Hold the screen smoother on the stuck strip and with your other hand peal up the top of the screen protector using the exposed part (labelled Remove Part 2).
9 Once you have pealed the screen protector up to your screen smoother, so that it bends at the point the smoother toucher the screen, you will find a second sheet of plastic behind the screen protector. Bend this back towards the top of the phone and slowly expose the sticky side of the screen protector below.
10 Steadily run the smoother up the screen exposing the sticky bottom of the screen protector and removing the plastic sheet below. The screen protector will fall into place and be smoothed out as the plastic sheet is peeled away and removed.
11 Turn the phone around and hold the screen smoother in the middle of the phone once more.
12 Grasp the exposed plastic that is locked into the groves on the phone holder and lift the plastic up.
13 As with the previous side, peel the plastic up towards the screen smoother at the middle of the phone until the plastic begins to peel away from the screen protector above.
14 Bend the plastic back towards the phone cradle and push the screen smoother up the phone so that the plastic covering is smoothly removed as the screen protector falls into place onto the screen.
15 Use the screen smoother to smooth out any creases or trapped air, always moving from the centre of the phone screen out to the edges.
16 Remove the phone from the phone cradle.
17 Peal off the last layer of plastic on the top of the screen.
18 Clean the screen down with the screen cloth.

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