How do I back up data such as photos and videos to Dropbox from my Samsung Galaxy device?

Dropbox is a cloud-based storage app that allows you to back up data such as photos or files from your mobile device.

A Dropbox basic account is free and includes 2GB of space. If you need more storage space, Dropbox has an option to upgrade to a paid account. You can find out more about Dropbox costs here.

The Dropbox app includes a feature whereby you can set it to automatically back up photos or videos as they are taken, but requires other file types to be manually uploaded.

The below steps will show you how to install the Dropbox app onto your device, set it so that photos and videos are automatically uploaded, and how to manually back up other files to Dropbox

Downloading the Dropbox app to your device

Setting Dropbox to automatically back up photos and videos

Uploading other files to Dropbox

Downloading the Dropbox app to your device

1 Tap Apps
Tap Apps
2 Tap Play Store
Select the Play Store app
3 Tap the search box and enter 'Dropbox'. Tap Dropbox
1) Select Google Play Search Bar, 2) Search for Dropbox, 3) Select the Dropbox app
4 Tap Install, then Accept when prompted
Select Install
5 When Dropbox is installed, you can open it from the Play Store or find it within your apps.
Tap  Open to launch the Dropbox App on your device
6 Either log in with your existing Dropbox account when prompted, or tap sign up to set up a new free account and then follow the instructions onscreen.
1) Select sign in , 2) Select Sign up if you do no have a Dropbox account, 3) Input your e-mail address and password in order to sign in to your   Dropbox account

Setting Dropbox to automatically back up photos and videos

1 Tap Apps
Tap Apps
2 Tap Dropbox
Dropbox icon is selected
3 Tap the Menu icon in the top left corner
Menu icon is selected
4 Tap Settings
Dropbox Select Settings icon
5 Scroll down the Settings menu and tap on Turn on Camera Upload
Turn on Camera upload menu is selected
6 This will now bring up options to decide what type of content you want uploaded, and when to upload it.

This will now upload photos to Dropbox when they are taken, assuming the conditions are met (e.g. in the illustration below, these will be uploaded when there is a Wi-Fi connection and the device has more than 30% battery).

1) List of upload options is displayed, 2) Photos and videos menu is selected

Uploading files to Dropbox

These steps will differ slightly depending on the model and operating system of your device. Where there is a difference, or the screen is substantially different, different illustrative images will be shown alongside.

1 Tap Apps
Tap Apps
2 Tap My Files
My Files icon is selected
3 Choose which type of file you wish to upload.

For this example, we will upload documents, but you can also upload Images, Audio, or Video files, or choose from your Recent files.

If you wish to backup apps, contacts, or device settings, you can do this through your Samsung or Google accounts.

Please note that your screen may look slightly different from the below examples depending on your operating system and device, but the steps should be the same.

Documents menu in My Files folder is selected
4 Select the documents or data you wish to upload to Dropbox by ticking the box next to the document.

If your device is running KitKat or higher, you may need to select the Menu/ three dots in the top right corner, then Select first.

Click on the small box to select the JB file
Click on the small box to select the file
5 Tap the share icon

(Note that this icon may not appear when there are no files selected)

Tap the overflow menu that may appear as three dots or more and tap select to choose files
6 Select Add to Dropbox
Select Add to Dropbox
7 You can now choose which folder within Dropbox to upload your data. It will default to the last folder you used. Once you are happy with the destination folder, tap Add
Choose a folder or create a new folder to be added to your Dropbox
8 Your data will now be uploaded to Dropbox.
Data you selected has successfully uploaded to your Dropbox

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