How do I change the image or wallpaper on the Always on Display?

How do I change the image or wallpaper on the Always On Display

The Always On Display (AOD) setting lets you see information from your phone on the standby screen, such as a clock, an image or GIF, your notifications and the music that is being played. This allows you to get the information you need without having to touch or unlock your phone, saving you time and saving your battery. 

You can turn Always On Display on or off from Settings > Lock Screen > Always On Display.  Find out more about what is Always On Display and how to enable it.

You can customise your Always On Display, to change the clock type, the information that is shown and to add your own picture or GIF. Follow the steps below to learn how to change and remove an image from Always On Display.

Find out how to change the wallpaper for your Home and Lock screen.

Please note: the Always On Display feature was added to Samsung smartphones with the launch of the Galaxy S7. Always On Display is not available on any device made before this, due to hardware limitations.

Changing the Always On Display theme
1 Tap and hold on any blank area of your home screen
Tap and hold any blank area of the home screen
2 Tap Themes
Tap Themes
3 Tap AODs
Tap AODs
4 If you have already downloaded an Always On Display theme, tap Themes then My Stuff
Tap Themes then My Stuff
5 From here tap AODs and select one to apply it
Select an AOD in My stuff to apply it
6 If you haven't previously downloaded an Always On Display, or you would like to choose a new one, browse to find and tap on one that you would like to use

Please note: there are both free and paid themes for the Always On Display

To downloaded a theme, tap one that you like
7 Tap Download
Tap Download
8 Tap Apply
Tap Apply
9 You will be given the option to show Clock and image or Image only. Choose an option and tap Done
Choose Clock and image or Image only and tap Done
Adding a picture or GIF
1 Swipe up on the home screen, to access your apps and tap Settings
Settings icon
2 Tap Lock screen
Tap Lock screen
3 Tap Clock style
Tap Clock style
4 Tap Always On Display
Tap Always On Display
5 Swipe through the clock styles until you find one with a GIF or an image. Tap this style to select it. You can use your own image or GIF or use one of the pre-installed GIFs. Follow steps 6-11 to use your own. Follow steps 12-14 to use a pre-installed GIF

Please note: 

  • on some devices there is a separate menu for GIFs. Tap the image icon (next to the clock icon) to add a GIF
  • to remove a GIF or image from Always On Display, select a new clock style without a GIF or image included
Select the clock style with a GIF or image
6 To use your own image or GIF, tap the + icon
Tap the +
7 Tap the app where the GIF or image you want to use is saved
Tap the Gallery app
8 Tap the GIF or image that you want to use
Tap the GIF or image you wish to use
9 You will be shown a preview of your Always On Display. Tap Done to confirm
Tap Done to confirm

You can also choose from one of the GIFs that are pre-installed. 

10 Tap GIF
11 Tap the GIF that you want to use
Tap the GIF you want to use
12 You will be shown a preview of your Always On Display. Tap Done to confirm
Tap Done

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