How do I clean my Galaxy Watch?

Over time your Galaxy Watch may become dirty, so it's important to keep it clean to help it run efficiently. It's especially important to clean your watch after playing sports or exercising, as sweat and other residue can build up.

If you are finding your watch uncomfortable to wear, you should give it a clean and make sure that both the watch and your wrist are dry. You can also try adjusting your watch as it's possible that you aren't wearing it correctly.

Please note: should you experience any skin irritation, or general discomfort whilst wearing your Galaxy Watch, you should stop wearing the device for three days and see if the symptoms ease. If the symptoms persist after wearing the watch again, it is advised that you stop wearing the watch and contact a medical professional.

Cleaning your watch

Cleaning the body of the watch
You should clean the body of your watch after it comes in contact with water, sweat, oil, and any other foreign materials.
  • Wipe clean the watch and charger with soft, clean cloth, and dry it thoroughly
  • Clean the battery terminals with a cotton ball or a soft, clean cloth
  • Do not use any chemicals or detergents
  • Prevent the watch from being exposed to dust, sweat, ink, oil, and chemical products such as cosmetics, antibacterial spray, hand cleaner, detergent, and insecticides. If your watch is exposed to any of these substances, use a soft, lint-free cloth to clean it


Cleaning the watch strap

You should clean your watch strap if it comes into contact with any of the following: oil, sun lotion, body sweat, body lotion, any foreign material or debris, and hand sanitiser.

  • Rubber straps: wipe clean with a slightly damp, soft, clean cloth. Dry the strap thoroughly with a clean cloth
  • Leather straps: wipe clean with a soft, lint-free cloth. If necessary, you can slightly dampen the cloth with clean, fresh water. Leave the strap to dry in a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight

Under no circumstances should your watch strap be exposed to any of the following: high pressure water, cleaning materials, ultrasonic waves, soaps, abrasive materials, ionised water, ultrasonic waves, direct sunlight for long periods, and hot or humid environment for long periods of time.


How to wear your watch

You should wear your watch snugly on your arm above your wrist. This will provide the most accurate heart rate measurements and should be more comfortable.

Be careful not to fasten the watch too tightly or too loosely. If the watch is too tight, skin irritation may occur. If the watch is fastened too loosely, irritation caused by friction may occur.

Please note: if your watch becomes hot to the touch, please remove it until it cools

Tips and precautions

  • When you wear the watch for a long time or do a high-intensity exercise while wearing it, skin irritation may occur due to friction and pressure
  • If you wear your watch for long periods of time, it is recommended to remove the watch once in a while and not wear it for several hours
  • Skin irritation may occur due to an allergy, environmental factors, other factors, or when your skin is exposed to soap or sweat for long periods. If you experience any discomfort, it is recommended to stop using your watch for 2 to 3 days. If your symptoms persist or get worse, you should contact a medical professional
  • Make sure that your skin is dry before wearing your watch. Wearing a wet watch or having wet skin for a long period of time may affect your skin
  • If you use your watch in water, you should remove it and dry it thoroughly before it wearing it again


Materials used in Galaxy smart watches

Galaxy Watch Active 2

  • Front case: Stainless Steel, Aluminium (except 44mm LTE), Gorilla Glass
  • Rear case: Polycarbonate + Glass Fibre, Gorilla Glass
  • Band: Leather, Flouroelastomer
  • Buckle: Stainless Steel, Aluminium

Galaxy Watch

  • Front case: Stainless Steel, Gorilla Glass
  • Rear case: Polycarbonate + Glass Fibre, Gorilla Glass
  • Band: Silicone
  • Buckle: Stainless Steel

Galaxy Watch Active Bluetooth

  • Front case: Aluminium, Gorilla Glass
  • Rear case: Polycarbonate + Glass Fibre, Gorilla Glass
  • Band: Flouroelastomer
  • Buckle: Stainless Steel

Galaxy Fit e

  • Front case: Acrylic, Polycarbonate
  • Rear case: Polycarbonate + Glass Fibre, Polymethyl methacrylate
  • Band: Thermoplastic, Polyurethane
  • Buckle: Polycarbonate

Galaxy Fit

  • Front case:  Aluminium, Gorilla Glass
  • Rear case: Polycarbonate + Glass Fibre, Polymethyl methacrylate
  • Band: Thermoplastic, Polyurethane
  • Buckle: Polycarbonate


The Galaxy smart watches do not contain internationally restricted materials or any harmful materials that directly come into contact with the skin. We also verified compliance with international environmental regulations through authorised international test institutions for certain materials, such as the fibre, leather, plastic, and metal, which have a high possibility of contacting the skin.


Guidance for users sensitive to certain materials

Refer to the following information about the materials that the Galaxy smart watch includes if your skin is hypersensitive or if you have a known allergy to any listed materials. Remove your Galaxy smart watch from your wrist and consult a dermatologist if the skin where you wear the Galaxy smart watch reddens or feels irritated.


The Galaxy Watch/Fit’s main body and band buckles include stainless steel. Stainless steel is a noncorrosive metal alloy that typically consists of steel (Fe), nickel (Ni), and Chrome (Cr). Although it is widely used for everyday products, some people have an allergy to some of the materials included in it, such as nickel. Samsung Electronics manages this by making the products with a smaller amount of nickel, which is below the point limited by the Europe REACH regulation. Also, we have found that users are barely exposed to any nickel based on analysis from a third party institution. While it is unlikely that an issue related to nickel will occur, if you are allergic to nickel, be careful to prevent skin problems.


The Galaxy Watch/Fit’s main body and band include acrylate. Acrylate (Methacrylic acid) is commonly included in consumer goods that are attached to the skin, such as plaster gauze. If you are sensitive to this material, be careful to avoid causing a hypersensitive skin reaction when using your Galaxy Watch or Fit for a long period; again, consult your dermatologist if irritation occurs.

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