How do I create My Emoji and use it in messages on my Galaxy S9/S9+?

You can express yourself in fun and creative ways with My Emoji. Create an emoji that looks just like you!


You can capture photos and videos with My Emoji or share stickers of My Emoji with others.

Samsung S9 My Emoji feature

How to create your personal Emoji

1 On the shooting modes list, tap ‘AR Emoji’.
2 Tap ‘Create My Emoji’.
Create My Emoji function
3 Align your face on the screen and tap the button to take a photo.
4 Select your avatar’s gender and tap ‘Next’.
Face scan for My Emoji creation
5 Decorate your avatar and tap ‘OK’.
Personalise your Emoji using Samsung S9

How to use your personal Emoji in messages

You can also use My Emoji stickers during a conversation via messages or on a social network service:

1 On the Samsung keyboard tap the Emoji icon.
Choose the My Emoji you wish to send
2 Select an Emoji from My Emoji stickers.
Send your My Emoji
3 The My Emoji sticker will be inserted.

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