How do I put my Samsung Galaxy S8 into Safe Mode?

What is Safe Mode?

If your phone is running slower than expected or freezing (with no pop-up notification letting you know which application is causing it), using Safe Mode can help you better understand what's causing this and what you can do to fix it. 


Launching your phone in Safe Mode allows only the core applications to run on your phone enabling you to observe its performance without the impact of your third party applications. If your device performs better when using this function, it is an indication that you have a problematic third party app on your phone.

Note: updates bring increased stability and security alongside new features available, so we always recommend that you are on your latest version.

1 Restart your phone
2 Check you are on the latest software version by going to Settings > Software Update > Download updates manually
3 Update all of your applications by tapping Play Store > Menu (three stacked lines in the top left corner) > My apps and games > Update

How to use Safe Mode?

1 Turn your phone off. To do this, press and hold the Power button and tap Power off.
2 Press and hold the Power button to restart your phone
3 When the Samsung logo appears on screen, release the Power button, then press and hold the Volume down button
4 Continue to hold the Volume down key until your phone has finished restarting
5 The Safe Mode logo will appear at the bottom left of the screen when this is activated.
6 Use your phone in Safe Mode in the same way as you normally would

My phone's performance improves when in Safe Mode

If your phone performs better when it's up to date and in Safe mode, it's a strong indication that a third pary app is causing the issue you are experiencing. It is recommended to remove your most recently downloaded applications individually and monitor the performance of your device. 


To remove an application, press and hold the app's icon and select Uninstall, or head to Settings > Apps > Tap Application > Uninstall

My phone's performance does not improve with Safe Mode

If you're continuing to experience the same issues when your phone is up to date and you are using Safe Mode, we'd recommend: 

1 Submit an Error Report within 15 minutes of experiencing the issue through the Samsung Members application. Samsung Members > Support > Send Feedback > Error Report
2 Contact us for further assistance and troubleshooting

How to turn off Safe Mode

To turn off Safe Mode, simply restart your phone 

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