How do I use the Samsung calendar app?

The Samsung Calendar app has everything you need to organise your diary. Add events, set reminders and even sync other calendars to stay on top of your routine. Read on to find out more about the different functions of the Samsung Calendar.

You can also add your calendar to your home screen by adding the Calendar widget. Find out more about how to add widgets to your smart phone or tablet. 

How do I use the Samsung Calendar app

Getting Started

Launch the Calendar app

To find the Calendar app, swipe up or down on the home screen to reveal the Apps screen. 

Calendar app icon

Please note: If you can't see the app on the Apps screen, look in the "Samsung folder" or use the Search function. If you still can't find the app, download it from the Galaxy Store.

Basic navigation

Calendar app is displayed






Tap the menu icon for more options. You can also select your calendar’s settings from this icon to change things such as alert types, event title settings etc.


Date select

Tap on the date to quickly change the date, month and year and to jump to a specific date.


Search bar

Tap on the magnifying glass icon to search for specific events or view your events in a list view.


Drawing mode

This option is only available while looking at the monthly view on specific devices that have an S pen. Use drawing mode to doodle on your calendar just like if it were hung on the wall.



This button will quickly take you to the current date.



You can see the title of your events on the calendar itself. Tap an event to expand it.


Selection box

The outline around a date shows you the date you have selected. When you open the calendar, it will automatically select the current date.


Current date

The current date will be highlighted to make it easier to see.


Add event

Tap this button to create an event. The date of the event will be automatically entered as whichever day is currently selected with the selection box.


Swipe left or right

Swipe left or right to switch the month that you are currently looking at.


Swipe up

Swipe up one or two times to see more information about the date that you have selected.

Change the view

You can change the view of the calendar to easily see the whole year, month, week or just a single day. Tasks and reminders used to be integrated into the calendar app but have been moved to give you greater options. From the menu you can tap Reminder, to jump straight to the reminder app. Find out more about how to use the Reminder app.

1 Tap the Menu icon.
Menu icon is selected in the Calendar app
2 Tap Year, Month, Week, or Day.
Month view selected in the Calendar app

Search for events

To search for an event use the magnifying glass symbol in the top right of your screen. From here, you will also see a list of all upcoming events, or you can tap to view past events.

Magnifying glass selected

Add an event

There are two ways to create an event. The quickest way is to tap and hold the Calendar app icon, then tap Add event.

Alternatively, tap to open the Calendar app, then:

1 Double tap the day you'd like to create an event for or tap the + icon.
Day is selected in Calendar view
2 Fill in the event details. Read the next section on 'Editing events' for more information.
Add event details in the Calendar app
3 Tap Save to create the event.

Delete an event

1 Find and tap on the day of the event you want to change.
2 Tap and hold the event.
3 Tap Delete.

Please note: If the event is recurring, you will have the option to delete “Only this event”, “This and future events” or “All events in series”.

Delete an event in the Calendar app

Please note: It is not possible to delete an event from another Calendar that is synced with your Samsung Calendar, for example your Google Calendar. To delete events from another calendar you will need to access that calendar from the corresponding app/website.

Once you’ve created a new event there are a number of features that allow you to customise and edit your event. To create a new event, follow the steps outlined above, under ‘Add or delete event’. To edit an event that has already been created: 

1 Tap the day of the event you'd like to change.
2 Tap and hold the event itself.
3 Tap Edit.
Edit event is selected in the Calendar app

Once you have your event open you can customise the features of your event, including date, time, location and invites.

Please note: Some options may not be available for all calendars. For example, the option to add an invitee is not available for the default Calendar (Samsung Account).

Title: Add a title by tapping on the space marked title and inputting a title of your choice.

Time and Date: This is adjusted by tapping on the start and then end date and adjusting the month, day and time. The event will cover the time between the start and end date/time. This means an event can last a day or span over a series of days or months.

Location: You can set the location where you want the event to take place by tapping Location and inputting the relevant address.

Alert: Tap the bell icon to adjust how and when you will be alerted about your event. For more information see 'Repeats and alerts'.  

Repeat events: If you would like to create a recurring event, for example a weekly meeting, tap the repeat button. For more information see 'Repeats and alerts' below.  

Notes: Tap on notes to add any extra information about the event.

Attach file: Tap to add an attachment from the Gallery or Samsung Notes apps.

Invitee: Tap on this feature to invite people to your event. This could be a contact in your phone app or an email contact.

To edit an alert:

1 In an event, tap the bell icon. It will open the alert options.
2 Select how near to the event you want your alert to occur.
3 To add an additional or customised alert, tap + Custom and select a customised time.
4 In a custom alert, choose the time from number, minutes or weeks. You can also choose between notification types.

To change the alert on an all-day-event:

1 From the main calendar outside the event, tap the Menu icon.
2 Tap Settings.
3 Tap Alert settings.
4 Tap All-day-events.
5 From here you can a select a pre-set alert, no alert or use customise to create your own alert time.
6 You can customise the number of days or weeks before the alert will trigger and the time of day.

To edit the sound of your alert:

1 Tap Menu.
2 Tap Settings.
3 Tap Alert style.

You can now choose the style and strength of your alert sound.

Please note: Alerts will not make a sound if your phone is set to silent or vibrate.

To edit how an event repeats:

1 Open or create your event.
2 Tap the repeat icon (if you haven’t edited it previously it will say Don’t repeat).
3 Choose your repeat from days, weeks, months and years.
4 Adjust how many times your event repeats by tapping on the number provided and adjusting.
5 You can even customise how your event repeats, with the option to choose which days of the week the event recurs.
6 Choose the duration by selecting an end date or specific number of days.

You can share your events through email, WhatsApp, Bluetooth and more, so that no matter what platform your connections are on they will never be left out. There are two ways to share events: share the event or add invitees.

Share the event

1 Tap on the day of the event, then tap and hold the event itself.
2 Tap Share.
Share an event in the Calendar app
3 You have the option to share as a Calendar file or as Text file. Sharing as a Calendar file allows the recipient to easily add it to their own calendar while a Text file just provides the details of the event.
Calendar file is selected in the Calendar app
4 Tap the app that you would like to use to share your event.
Calendar events can be shared via a variety of apps

Add invitees

Some calendars, such as your Google calendar, will let you add invitees when creating or editing an event.

Please note: The option to add invitees is not available for all calendars, for example the default Calendar (Samsung Account).

1 Create a new event or edit an existing event.
2 Select a calendar that supports invitees, such as your Google calendar.

Tap to add an Invitee.

Add an invite to an event in the Calendar app
4 Tap Contacts or type the email address of the person you would like to invite.
5 Tap Save to send the invite.

Once saved, your invitees will receive the invitation. They can then accept or decline your invitation. To check the status of your invitee request(s), tap the event in your Calendar, then tap Details which is next to Invitee.

The Samsung calendar app lets you bring together your events from other calendars including Gmail, Google, and Microsoft Exchange. This makes it easy to create shared calendars and import any you may already have. You can also add an alternative calendar such as lunar, Hijri or Shamsi calendars. You can also turn on calendar syncing so that your calendars stay up to date across all your devices.

If you use Yahoo, find out how to add a Yahoo calendar to the Calendar app.

If you use Outlook find out how to add an Outlook calendar to the Calendar app.

To Add an alternative calendar:

1 Tap the Menu icon.
2 Go to Calendar settings
3 Tap Alternate calendar.
4 Select the calendar you want to add to your main calendar.

If you have a new device and want to transfer your old calendar events to your new device you can transfer with SmartSwitch.

1 Tap the Menu icon.
2 Tap Manage calendars.
Add account to the Calendar app
3 Press the Plus + icon.
4 Tap the type of account you want to add, then follow the on-screen instructions to finish adding your calendar.
Google account type is selected in the Calendar app
5 Once you have added your calendar, tap the Menu icon, then tap Sync now to add the events from the calendar you have just added to your Samsung Calendar.
Sync Calendar app is selected
6 If the events are not showing up, make sure that the new calendar is selected under the Calendars heading.
Calendar selected

Please note: You can change the colour of events from different calendars by selecting Manage calendars and tapping the coloured dot next to the calendar you want to change.

There are a couple of ways you can share your diary with another person. You can either share individual events (see section on “Share an event”) or you can share an entire calendar.

To share an entire calendar with others, create a shared calendar using your preferred platform (for example Google Calendar), then add the calendar to the Samsung Calendar app and sync the event (see section on “Add a calendar”).

If you have a new device and want to transfer your old calendar events to your new device you can transfer it with SmartSwitch.

If you have added a calendar that you no longer want to see you can choose to hide or remove the calendar.

Hide a calendar

1 Tap the Menu icon.
Menu icon is selected in the Calendar app
2 Under the calendar heading, tap the down arrow next to the calendar you'd like to change. Then, select or deselect the types of events, such as public holidays or birthdays, that you would like to be displayed in the Samsung Calendar app.
Select the calendars to display

Remove a calendar

Sometimes hiding a calendar from your display isn't enough. If you would like to remove a calendar completely you can do so through your settings.

Please note: Removing an account will also remove it from any other apps. For example, if the calendar you want to remove is associated with an email account it will also be removed from the email app.

1 Outside the calendar app go to Settings.
2 Tap Accounts and backup.
2 Tap Manage accounts.
3 Tap the account that you would like to remove.
4 Tap Remove account, then tap Remove account to confirm.

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