How to back up or restore WhatsApp data

If you want to transfer your WhatsApp chat history when you switch to a new phone, there are several solutions. The easiest option is to transfer your WhatsApp data to a new phone by restoring your data from Google Drive.

Step 1: Transfer WhatsApp from a Google Drive backup

If you have a Google account, you are able to transfer WhatsApp between two phones via Google Drive. Since WhatsApp backs up all your messages and photos to Google Drive by default, transferring WhatsApp to your new phone in this way provides an easy solution. The transferring process consists of two stages; first, you need to back up your WhatsApp messages, and then transfer it to another Samsung device.

Before you begin your Google Drive WhatsApp backup, you need to check the following are in place:

  • Your phone is signed into Google Drive
  • Google Play must be installed (only available for Android OS 2.3.4 and higher). You can find out which version of Android you are using here
  • Your Google Drive must have enough space for your WhatsApp data
  • Your phone must have enough free space to create the backup. You can check the amount of storage space on your device here
  • Your new phone has the same phone number and Google account as the original one
1 Launch WhatsApp on your original phone
WhatsApp icon
2 Tap the More Options icon
More options icon selected in WhatsApp home screen
3 Tap Settings
Settings selected in more options menu
4 Tap Chats
Chats selected in WhatsApp settings menu
5 Tap Chat backup
Chat backup selected in settings
6 Tap Back up to Google Drive
Back up to Google Drive selected in Chat backup menu
7 Set the backup frequency
Pop up menu to select backup frequency
8 Choose an account
Pop up menu to select a Google account to back up to
9 Tap Back up
Back up selected in Chat backup menu

Stage 2: Transfer and restore your WhatsApp backup

1 Launch WhatsApp on your new phone
WhatsApp icon
2 Select the language you want to use WhatsApp in, then tap the arrow
Arrow button selected in WhatsApp
3 Tap Agree and continue
Agree and continue selected in WhatsApp
4 Enter your phone number and tap NEXT. When prompted, enter the verification code
NEXT selected in WhatsApp setup
5 Tap Continue in the Contacts and media popup
Continue selected in Contacts and media popup
6 Tap Allow on the popups
Allow selected in WhatsApp popup
7 Tap Restore
Restore selected in WhatsApp backup screen
8 WhatsApp will restore your chats and media to your new phone from Google Drive
Restored WhatsApp chats

Yes. Smart Switch allows you to transfer a plethora of data effortlessly between an old and new Galaxy device, and you can now use it for transferring WhatsApp data also. 

If you are making the switch from an iPhone to Samsung Galaxy device and looking to move WhatsApp to your new phone, we recommend that you transfer your WhatsApp data via Google Drive, following the instructions above. 

More information on transferring WhatsApp to a new phone can be found by referring to the WhatsApp About changing phones guide

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