How to record steady videos on the Galaxy A80

The Galaxy A80 Ultra-Wide Camera not only allows you to film scenes with a 78 degree angle of view, it also uses predictive software to stabilise your movements and reduce the video shake. 

Please note: Selecting the Super Steady feature will automatically enable recording using the Ultra-wide camera in Full HD.

How to use the Super Steady feature

1 Launch the “Camera” from the home or the apps screen.
2 Swipe to the left or right to select “Video” mode.
Swipe left or right until the Video function
3 Tap the Super steady icon (hand between the waves). The icon turns yellow when activated.
Tap on the super steady icon

Focus on the scene you want to film and press Record.

Focus on the scene and press the record button

Please note: You can also use the Super Steady feature in selfie recording. 

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