How to create videos like a pro with Live focus on the Galaxy A80

The Galaxy A80 Time-of-Flight (ToF) 3D camera allows you to take enhanced videos using some of the most innovative technology in the mobile market. Furthermore, its movie-like Live focus effect gives your videos a stylish cinematic feel.

The rotating camera enables use of the same camera modes for the rear and front functions. You can use “Live Focus Video” for selfie videos or to record what is in front of you.

Please note: Optimal results of this effect are obtained when the subject is between one meter and one and a half meters away from the lens. 

How to use the Live focus video function
1 Launch the camera by tapping the Camera icon button on the home or apps screen.
Press the camera icon button
2 Swipe to the left or right until you find the “Live focus video” feature and select it.
Swipe left or right until Live focus function
3 Adjust the bar to select the blur level of the background.

The higher the blur, the more you will notice the bokeh effect that will highlight what is closer to the camera and leave the rest “out-of-focus”.

Adjust the manipulator to select the blur level
4 Frame the scene you want to film and press the Record button.
Frame the scene and press the record button

Please note: You can also use the Live Focus feature in photo mode. 

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