What is True Single SKU?

When you purchase a new Galaxy device it will come pre-loaded with network specific features and services, depending on where the device has been purchased from. This is because most devices have a specific service provider or SKU that indicates which network they are connected to. With True Single SKU, new devices have a common service provider. This means that when the device is set up, it will determine what service provider is being used and apply the specific service provider SKU.


True Single SKU devices will connect to a server during the initial set up to get information about the service provider. After set up has finished, the device will restart to apply the network specific features and services. 

Currently, True Single SKU is only featured on the Galaxy A51.

Devices that feature True Single SKU need a network connection to complete the set up process. During the initial set up you will be asked to choose a Wi-Fi network. If you are not in range of a Wi-Fi network, you can choose to continue using mobile data by tapping Allow use of mobile data.


Please note: setting up your device using a mobile connection may result in additional fees, depending on your agreement with your network provider.

To finish setting up your True Single SKU device with all of the appropriate services and features, your device will need to perform a one time restart. This restart may change the apps and layout of your device, depending on the service provider being applied.

Software and security updates are rolled out gradually across different Samsung devices. Just because an update is available for one device doesn't mean that it is necessarily ready to be applied to all.


If you know that an update is available for your device but haven't received a notification about it, you should check for updates.


If you still can't see an available update, follow the instructions below.

1 Open the Settings app on your device
2 Tap About phone
3 Tap Software information
4 Scroll down to Service provider SW ver.
5 The value of the Service provider SW ver. should contain EUX or EUY. If yours doesn't contain either of these values, please contact your local Samsung Service Centre

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