How can I play PC games on my mobile device?

Please note: the PlayGalaxy Link app is currently a Beta service. This means that the app is still in development and you may encounter unexpected bugs and issues.

[Hands-On] The Galaxy Note10: PlayGalaxy Link [Hands-On] The Galaxy Note10: PlayGalaxy Link

PlayGalaxy Link gives you the power to play your PC games on your mobile. Install the PlayGalaxy Link app on your PC and mobile device and you'll be ready to start gaming in minutes. Create your own game library using any game that you have installed on your PC. You can even start a game on your desktop and then switch over to continue playing on the couch.


PlayGalaxy Link works by streaming your games over an internet connection. As it's running through a peer-to-peer connection (from one device to another) you can get up to 60FPS in full HD. Depending on your mobile network connection you can even play using a 4G or 5G signal, giving you the tools to get that high score no matter where you are.

Getting started with PlayGalaxy Link is easy. All you have to do is download the PlayGalaxy link app on both your mobile and PC, log in and you're ready to play.

1 Download and install the PlayGalaxy Link app on your PC
2 Download and install the PlayGalaxy Link app on your smartphone. You can download the app from the Galaxy Store

Please note: the PlayGalaxy Link app will only be available to download on compatible devices

3 Launch the PlayGalaxy Link app on both devices and sign in with the same Samsung account
4 Your games will be automatically added to the library
5 Select your PC on your mobile device
Select your PC
6 Tap on the game you want to play to begin streaming
Tap on the game you want to launch

Compatible devices


  • Galaxy Note10 series
  • Galaxy S10 series
  • Galaxy Note9
  • Galaxy S9
  • Galaxy A90 series
  • Galaxy Fold


Support for additional devices will be available soon.


PC requirements


These are the recommended specifications to have a good experience with PlayGalaxy Link. The app may work with less powerful PCs but performance may vary.


CPU - Intel core i5 or higher

Memory - DDR4 8G

GPU - NVIDIA GTX 1060 or higher/ AMD Radeon RX550 or higher

OS - Windows 10


Wi-Fi requirements


This is the recommended requirements for your Wi-Fi router and speed. The app may work on slower connections, but performance may vary.


  • 1 Gigabit bandwidth and 5Ghz Wi-Fi support

If you've changed an installation path for your games or use a game launcher like Steam, your games will not be discovered automatically by the PlayGalaxy Link app.


To fix this, open the PlayGalaxy Link app on your PC and press the +Add Game button to manually add a game.

Tapp Addgame+

If you can't connect to your PC while using a mobile data connection, there are a number of potential causes. 


  • If you have a firewall on your PC, internet or router, it may interrupt the connection. Please turn off your firewall.
  • If your Wi-Fi network has a double NAT or symmetric NAT connection, you may not be able to connect.
  • If there are many users on your mobile network or router you may be unable to connect due to high traffic.
  • If there is a weak signal on your mobile or Wi-Fi connection you may not be able to run the PlayGalaxy Link app.
  • Firewall issues, improper port forwarding, or your ISP (Internet Service Provider) blocking UDP (User Datagram Protocol) connections may cause errors.

Yes! Playing PC games on your mobile will be even better with a compatible controller. PlayGalaxy Link supports Bluetooth, controllers, mice and keyboards and you can also play with the customisable on-screen keyboard.


Samsung has teamed up with software developer QuantumX to deliver the best mobile-PC gaming experience. QuantumX have developed the glap controller that is solely designed for Android smartphones and is ideal for use with the Note10 series.

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