Where can I find downloaded files on my Samsung Galaxy smartphone?

Where can I find downloaded files on my Samsung Galaxy smartphone

The location of your downloaded files will depend on the type of file you have downloaded and the app that you used to download it. Most of your files are organised within the My Files app, however some files will not appear here. Some apps, such as Netflix, store their downloads securely on your phone and are only available through the app itself.

If you can't locate images downloaded from the Google app, make sure your storage permissions are enabled on your device. Find out where the Google app saves downloaded images.

Where to find My Files

You can find almost all the files on your smartphone in the My Files app. By default, this will appear in the folder named Samsung.

The My Files app in the Samsung folder

If you are having trouble finding the My Files app, you should try using the search feature. To begin, swipe up on your home screen to see your apps.

1 Tap on the search bar at the top of the screen
2 Enter 'My Files' and the My Files app will be shown
Locating your files

The My Files app automatically organises your files into categories, making them easy to find. You can also look through your recent used files, search for a file by name or browse all the files you have saved.

Please note: not all downloaded content will be available in My Files. Content that has been downloaded within a streaming app that allows listening or viewing offline will normally be available only within that app itself. This is most commonly due to copyright restrictions. 

Locating your files
1 Search - tap this icon to search for a file by name. You can also tap a file type to see all files of that type.
File types
2 Recent files - all your most recently used files are displayed here. Tap the last file in this section to see all your recently used files in order of use.
3 Categories - all the files saved on your phone have been organised into categories based on the type of file they are. For example, if you have downloaded a file from the internet it will appear under Downloads.
4 Storage locations - depending on how you use your device, your files could be stored in different locations. For example, if you have an SD card you can set your device to download files straight to the SD card. Tap one of the storage options to see all the files that are saved to it.
Storage locations

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