1. What is My Galaxy? My Galaxy app gives you a unique all-in-one experience that’s sure to delight you with amazing content, unparalleled convenience and expert care. You also get personalized coupons and offers on leading brands for the most commonly used categories.
  2. What do I get as a member of My Galaxy? With My Galaxy, consumers get:-
    1. Rich Entertainment Content (Videos, Music, News & Games)
    2. One click access to frequently used life services.
    3. Personalized Offers and Updates
    4. Post Purchase Assistance & Care.
  3. Who all are eligible for My Galaxy? My Galaxy is available for all Samsung Smartphone users.
  4. How can I get the My Galaxy app? My Galaxy app comes pre-loaded with Samsung smartphones. You can also download it from Google Playstore. Open the App and sign up to start discovering a suite of services created especially for you.
  5. Do I have to pay to download or use My Galaxy? No, My Galaxy app is free to download and use.
  6. What is the process for registration? When you download the app, you need to sign up with the same mobile number that you are using in the device to login successfully. In order to enjoy all the benefits of the program it is important that you share all your credentials while registering.
  7. Is my information safe? Your information is subject to Samsung’s privacy policy and is safe with us. You can get further info here-
  8. What are the different categories which I can access on My Galaxy? My Galaxy brings to you entertainment services & services of everyday use by partnering with top players across categories of your use. Please find a list of categories and partners for your reference.

    Entertainment Categories




    Youtube, KBS Media, ABP NEWS, Bloomberg Quint, Bflix Movies & WOW MUSIC


    Gameloft, Gamezop & OnMobile



    Service Categories


    Samsung Upgrade Program

    Manak Waste Management Pvt. Ltd. (Cashify)



  9. What does the Post Purchase Assistance & Care section have for me? As a Samsung Smartphone user, we believe that care should be within your reach. The ‘Care’ section in My Galaxy has a host of services for your smartphone such as Smart Tutor, Find My Mobile, Service Tracker and Service & Store Locator.
  10. What does the Smart Tutor do? Smart Tutor is a service that we have brought to you to enable troubleshooting through remote management. You will need to click on the Smart Tutor icon and download the application if you don’t already have it. When you agree on the terms and conditions, it shows up a number to call.
    Once you call up that number, the call centre executive will provide a PIN to you which you will need to key-in in your device. Once you have done that our executive will have remote access to your phone and can help you resolve your queries. Smart Tutor application is currently available only on Samsung Android devices.
  11. How does one use the Service Centre Locator? All you need to do is enter the pin code of your area, our app will give you the address and contact details of the service centre located close to you.
  12. I tried using one of the offers but I could not, whom should I contact? Please check the offer detail section. This section has the details of the number that you need to call to get it resolved. You can also write to us at You need to share your mobile number, IMEI of your device, device invoice copy & screenshot of the app for us to resolve it faster.
    I saw a Samsung mobile offer on My Galaxy, have bought the new device but I can’t find the offer. After activating the new device, you must download My Galaxy and sign in again. It takes 2 days after the device activation for the offer to reflect on the app. If you still face any problem, you can write to us at

Samsung Upgrade Program

Partner – Manak Waste Management Pvt. Ltd. (Cashify)

  1. What is Samsung Upgrade Program? Samsung Upgrade Program allows you to exchange your used Smartphone with new Samsung Smartphone for an exchange price. You can exchange your used Smartphone either at select Samsung Retail Stores near your location or on Samsung Online Store.
    Samsung Upgrade Program is powered by Manak Waste Management Pvt. Ltd. (Cashify) which is an Online Assured-Sale platform where you can sell your old / used gadgets like Laptops, Desktops, Smartphones, Tablets, LED’s, LCD’s and much more for real money.
  2. Can I just sell my used Smartphone without purchasing a new Samsung Smartphone? No, Samsung Upgrade Program is a compulsory Upgrade Program. You must exchange your used Smartphone against a new Samsung Smartphone.
  3. Can I exchange any brand used Smartphone under Samsung Upgrade Program? No, only Samsung branded Smartphones can be exchanged under Samsung Upgrade Program.
  4. Do I need any document for exchanging my used Smartphone? Yes, at the time of exchanging your used Samsung Smartphone please carry one of the following govt. approved photo ID proofs - Driving license, Passport, Aadhar card, Voter ID card, PAN card, Ration card etc. It acts as a proof that you are the legal owner of the Smartphone & stolen Smartphones are kept out of the Upgrade Program.
    To ensure that your Photo ID proof is not misused, you may simply cross it and write details of the Smartphone being sold against it.
  5. How do I know exchange price of my used Smartphone? Please following the below steps to know the exchange price of your Smartphone.
    1. Go to My Galaxy which is pre-loaded on most Samsung Smartphones. You can also download it from Google Play Store. You will be required to register with My Galaxy with your mobile number.
    2. In My Galaxy, go to Samsung Upgrade section and give inputs with regards to Physical Condition of your Smartphone and Accessories available with it. Basis your inputs My Galaxy will show you exchange price of your Smartphone.

    Please ensure that you give correct inputs as the exchange price holds good only for those inputs. If any of those inputs are found to be incorrect at the time of exchange you will be required to generate exchange price again with correct inputs.

  6. What is a Quote ID & its validity? Every time you evaluate your device to know the exchange price of your Smartphone, a new Quote ID is generated & assigned to your Smartphone. This Quote ID contains the evaluation summary of your Smartphone (basis the inputs given by you) and the exchange price of your Smartphone basis the evaluation summary.
    Each Quote ID is valid for 7 days only. After which you must use Re-quote option to generate new exchange price. The exchange price of used Smartphone drops as it gets older hence you may get lower exchange price when you re-quote. Hence it is advised that as soon as you generate exchange price you exchange your Smartphone either through Samsung Retail Stores or Samsung Online Store.
  7. How does Samsung Upgrade Program works? Offline Upgrade Program includes following steps:
    1. Evaluate your used Smartphone through My Galaxy to know its exchange price.
    2. On the evaluation page you can specify your location to see the list of nearby Samsung Retail Stores that you can visit to exchange your used Smartphone against new Samsung Smartphone.
    3. Visit Samsung Retail store & show your unique Quote ID & exchange price of used Smartphone to the Retailer. Don’t forget to carry all accessories that you mentioned at the time of evaluation, along with your Smartphone. Also, carry your govt. approved Photo ID proof.
    4. Select the new Samsung Smartphone that you want to purchase.
    5. Handover your used Smartphone, along with all accessories, to the Samsung Retailer and make the balance payment (full price of the new Samsung Smartphone – exchange price of the used Smartphone) for the new Samsung Smartphone.
    6. You will receive acknowledgement of your used Smartphone on your email id.

    Online Upgrade Program includes following steps:
    1. Evaluate your used Smartphone through My Galaxy to know its exchange price.
    2. On the evaluation page select Buy Online to land on Samsung Online Store.
    3. Buy the new Samsung Smartphone by paying the full price. The new Samsung Smartphone will be delivered to you.
    4. Within few days Cashify representative will visit your home, after taking prior appointment from you, to collect the used Smartphone and give exchange price as cashback.Please note that if Cashify representative finds any discrepancy in the condition of the used Smartphone / accessories then you will be required to re-quote & Cashify representative will pay you new exchange price.
  8. What if, during generating exchange price of my used Smartphone, I provide incorrect information about physical condition or accessories? Under such circumstances, Samsung Retailer (in case of offline upgrade journey) or Cashify Representative (in case of online upgrade journey) will ask you to generate a fresh quote as per the actual condition of your used Smartphone. If you agree, then Samsung Retailer (in case of offline upgrade journey) or Cashify representative (in case of online upgrade journey) will pay you the re-quoted exchange price on the spot.
  9. I have sensitive information stored in my Smartphone. How can I erase it? It is strongly advised that you should delete all data before handing over your Smartphone at the time of exchange. You can run ‘Restore Factory Settings’ on your Smartphone to wipe clean every piece of data that could be present in your device. Please double check your Smartphone for any data before proceeding with exchange. 
    Neither Samsung nor Cashify will be responsible for any kind of data available on used Samsung Smartphone.
  10. What if my used Smartphone, that I exchanged under Upgrade Program, is used for illegal purposes? When you exchange your used Smartphone with a new Samsung Smartphone, our partner Cashify sends an acknowledgement / receipt of used Smartphone on your email id within 30 minutes. This is a proof that you have exchanged your used Smartphone against a new Samsung Smartphone & Cashify has collected the used Smartphone.
  11. What do you do with used Smartphones? Used Smartphones are refurbished in association with Cashify’s partners for an extended life. By doing so, not only reuse of used Smartphones is promoted but these are made economically available for many other users to buy high-value Smartphones.
  12. Which all cities are covered under Samsung Upgrade Program? Samsung Upgrade is only available at below mentioned locations:
    • Andhra Pradesh: Vijayawada, Vishakhapatnam 
    • Bihar: Patna 
    • Chandigarh 
    • Delhi / NCR : Delhi, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Noida 
    • Goa 
    • Gujarat : Ahmedabad, Baroda, Gandhinagar, Surat 
    • Haryana: Panchkula, Panipat 
    • Jharkhand: Ranchi 
    • Karnataka : Bangalore 
    • Madhya Pradesh : Bhopal , Indore 
    • Maharashtra : Mumbai, Nagpur, Navi Mumbai , Pune, Thane, Bhiwandi 
    • Odisha : Bhubhaneshwar 
    • Pondicherry 
    • Punjab : Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Mohali, Zirakpur, Patiala 
    • Rajasthan : Jaipur 
    • Tamil Nadu : Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai 
    • Telangana : Hyderabad 
    • Uttar Pradesh : Kanpur, Lucknow , Meerut 
    • Uttarakhand: Dehradun 
    • West Bengal : Kolkata , Hugli


Partner – Gameloft, Gamezop & OnMobile

  1. What is the gaming section all about? My Galaxy has partnered with the world’s largest HTML5 games platform provider ‘Gameloft’, ‘Gamezop’ & ‘OnMobile’. You can easily access wide variety of casual, fun & exciting games inside My Galaxy. Respective partner Terms & Conditions are applicable on As is basis.


Partner – Gaana

  1. How is Music on My Galaxy App different from others? Listen to incredible music on the go as we partner with Gaana which brings you all the music you need together within the My Galaxy app
  2. What content languages do you have? Gaana provides more than 30 languages songs on Music. The top ones are Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Bhojpuri and Kannada. You can set any language of your choice from the ''Song language'' tab.
  3. What is Gaana Special? Gaana specials are exclusive music programs on Gaana. You can listen retro music to rock music with interesting information and stories about popular singers and the events. You can also listen to shows which narrates amazing stories and shows which will make you laugh out loud. The complete Gaana special section can be found on the Music homepage.
    For more related questions please click here.


Partner – Youtube, KBS Media, ABP NEWS, Bloomberg Quint, Bflix Movies & WOW MUSIC

  1. What is new in My Galaxy Video section? My Galaxy Video section now contains curated ready to watch, latest and most popular videos from a variety of genres and categories.
  2. What type of videos are available in My Galaxy Videos Section? The video section of My Galaxy is powered by multiple partners where you will get full length movies, short videos, original web-episodes, trending videos, songs, trailers and much more.
  3. Is streaming movies / videos free? Yes, streaming movies or videos is free; however you may incur data charges, depending upon your data plan with your telecom operator or internet service provider.
  4. How can I view video /episode synopsis? Most of the videos in My Galaxy’s video section have a video / episode synopsis. To view synopsis go to the video and click on the information icon next to the title of the video being played. A pop up with video / episode synopsis would be shown to you.
  5. What kind of videos are played on the landing page playlist? The playlist on the landing page contains trending videos from various categories like music, sports, comedy etc.
  6. What are Curated Playlists? Curated Playlists are video playlist of a singular genre / video category. The genres range from music, sports, comedy to regional content. You can tune in to any of the channels and watch popular videos for the specific genre / video category
  7. What is Movies section? Movies section is dedicated to a collection of regional and Bollywood full length movies. This section contains movies from a range of genres like drama, horror, comedy, thriller, action, romance etc. You can also select from a range of languages Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam.
  8. What is Shows section? Shows section contains curated playlists of original web-episodes. This contains a range of shows having genres like comedy, drama, romance, music, action etc. You can also select the language as Hindi or Kannada.
  9. What does favorite mean? Clicking on the favorite icon for a video means would like to watch the video again sometime later. These videos get saved into your favorite lists, for later referencing. You can un-favorite the videos by clicking on the favorite icon again
  10. How many videos can I save in the favorite list? You can save up to a maximum of 100 videos in your favorite list.
  11. I am not able to add a video to my favorite list You can save up to a maximum of 100 videos in your favorite list. Post addition of 100 videos in the favorite list, you would have to un-favorite a video to make way for the new favorite.
  12. Where can I find my favorite videos? You can find all of your favorite videos by clicking the over flow menu icon on top right hand side corner of the landing page of Video section. You will find two options: Favorites and Turn on night mode. Click on Favorites to see the videos you have saved under favorites.
  13. I had saved a video under favorites I cannot play it now. Any video saved in favorites are available for a selective period of time only. If the video has been removed from the partner providing the content, then it becomes unplayable even if it features in your saved favorites list.
  14. Can anybody else see the videos I have stored in favorites? No, My Galaxy does not share this information with any other user. You’re favorite videos are visible only to you.
  15. Can I share videos / movies? Yes, you can share videos or movies over social networking sites, e-mail, WhatsApp and other applications that have android share feature enabled.
  16. Who can I share videos / movies with? You can share videos / movies with your friends, families and social networking sites.
  17. Can I download videos / movies to my phone? You cannot download videos / movies to your phone. You can stream them anytime you want.
  18. Can I upload videos / movies into videos section of My Galaxy? No, you cannot upload videos to the videos section of My Galaxy.
  19. Can I filter the videos according to my preference? Yes, once you click on any specific channel in Movies or in Shows you can filter the videos according to your genre and language preference. In Movies and Shows section you can filter them basis genre and / or language.
  20. What is night mode? White background in low light conditions can cause discomfort while browsing videos at night. Night mode will replace all of white space in background with black, which makes it easier on the eyes when browsing videos in My Galaxy at night or in a low lighting setup.
  21. How do I switch to night mode? You can switch to night mode by clicking the over flow menu icon on top right hand side corner of the landing page. You will find two options: Favorites and Turn on night mode. Click on Turn on night mode to switch to night mode.