Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold - Latest Smartphone

Ten years after the first Galaxy. We didn't just change the shape of the phone. We changed the shape of tomorrow. #DoWhatYouCant.

Samsung Galaxy Fold - Side View of Folded Galaxy Phone

Film begins with Galaxy Fold spinning around, showing each side of the folded phone, including its hinge, the triple rear camera, the front display and side buttons as the Samsung logo sweeps across the device. The phone then opens to show its large unfolded display and how the apps seamlessly go from the outer display to the inner display, with close ups on the dual camera inside. It shows examples of using Galaxy Fold when unfolded, including multitasking. taking photos, and gaming on the large display. It ends with text that says “Ten years after the first Galaxy, we didn’t just change the shape of the phone, we changed the shape of tomorrow. The future unfolds” and ends on the new, folded Samsung logo.

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