What is All Share feature in Samsung Devices?

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020

Allshare is a Samsung Feature that allows you to create a mobile server through which you can access and share your data from any remote place. The pre-condition here is, both  devices should be connected to internet. 



(You can Push pictures and other data from your phone to Smart TV, Notebook etc as shown above)


For Example : You need to check data on your desktop in your mobile from Metro Station. You can do it by Samsung AllShare Application. This feature is called Remote Access in Samsung AllShare. This technology is an outcome of DLNA which is practiced on a global platform.


For your TV to take advantage of this unique feature, you need :

● A Notebook with Samsung PC share manager installed in it.

● A home network.

● Media files that are supported by share manager on your PC.

● A Mobile device with allshare feature in it ( for eg : Samsung S3, Galaxy phones etc ).


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