Refrigerator: How to Solve No Cooling Issue?

Last Update Date : Oct 22. 2018

Please follow the steps listed below: 

1 Open the door of refrigerator.
2 Check if the LED light is glowing or not. If it is not glowing, then it is may be No Power issue.
3 If LED light is glowing, then proceed further to resolve No Cooling issue.
4 Check the location of refrigerator. It should not be placed under direct sunlight.
5 Keep the refrigerator in well ventilated area.
6 Maintain a proper Wall clearance distance from the sides and the back wall.
7 No cooling may happen due to food over stuffing inside refrigerator.
8 Switch off the refrigerator.
9 Remove all food items for once and clean it by using lime or vinegar solution.
10 Now power on the refrigerator.
11 Check the temperature settings and keep it at maximum cooling position.


Note: If there is no cooling in the refrigerator or can see 'OFF' or 'ON' sign on the display, check if the refrigerator is in 'Demo mode'.


Demo mode is for saving energy when it's display in store.

Click here to learn about No cooling (Demo mode)

12 Run the Refrigerator in no load condition for at least 45mins to 1 hour for proper cooling air circulation.
13 Arrange the food items by providing proper space between them.
14 Please take care while keeping food inside refrigerator. There should be a proper gap between the end wall and the food inside the refrigerator, as it affects the air flow through air filter in the refrigerator.
15 Move the food material to left/ right for clear air flow through air filter.
16 Now it will provide a proper air flow through air filter inside the refrigerator.
17 Avoid using Shelf Cover/Paper since it may block the air circulation.
18 Entering Warm air from outside into refrigerator may cause less cooling and moisture issue.
19 Check the gasket of door grooves in the refrigerator. It should not be loose.
20 Fix the loose gasket tightly into door grooves to avoid warm air entering the refrigerator.
21 Avoid frequent opening and closing of door.


Note:  Click here to raise online request  for engineer visit if you are still facing the issue.

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