Steps for Effective Cooling in a air-conditioner

Last Update date : Oct 12. 2020

There are many simple and easy steps that can be followed which will help in reducing the burden from the Air-conditioners and will lead to more effective cooling along with lesser cost.

1 Regular maintenance and Cleanliness.

  • Annual maintenance is important to increase energy-efficiency.


  • If your unit is really old (more than 10 years) a newer, more efficient model will cut your consumption in half.


  • Clear away any debris from the outside compressor unit and keep the area clean for increased air circulation and more efficient home cooling.
2 Shade your unit.

  • If your unit is outside, you can shade it to increase efficiency but be sure not to impede air circulation.
3 Don't turn it off or too high.

  • Turning a home cooling unit off or more than 6-8 degrees higher at night or when you're gone for the day can cause the unit to work harder to cool the space when turned back on. Long holidays would be the exception to this rule.
4 Close off unused rooms.

  • Consider closing air conditioning vents in rooms not often used, especially those in bathrooms or laundry rooms. Do not close any vents near thermostats, as this can cause an inaccurate reading and unnecessary running.
5 Close doors and curtains.

  • Not just doors to the outside, also try closing bedroom doors to keep the cool air in, especially if you have high or vaulted ceilings or a two-story home.


  • Closing curtains helps deflect sunlight. Providing curtains/ blinds /sun film on windows reduces heat input into the room.


6 Increase insulation.

  • Double-paned windows, well-insulated walls help to save energy by keeping the cool air indoors. Consider recycled blue jean or paper insulation.


  • Insulating the ceiling which is exposed to the sun with 50 mm thermocole drastically reduces heat input into the room. 

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