What is 5 Step Super Wash technology in Samsung Washing Machine?

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020

Samsung 5 Step-cleaning Technology :




Samsung presents a unique 5-Step Super Clean System that is engineered to remove dirt and grime easily and quickly.

What is 5-step cleaning?
Samsung washing machines ensure the perfect wash by its unique 5 Step Super Clean System. Step by step, it first removes dirt from between fibres, then from the fabric surface and finally lifts stains and dirt completely from the clothes. After washing, its like you’re wearing as good as new clothes altogether.

Step 1: Deep soaking



Removes deep-set dirt from between fibres.
Less water is added initially to get rid of ingrained dirt, which keeps the detergent concentrated.
Gentle water currents allow the detergent to fully permeate the fabric.

Step 2: Soaking



Eliminates heavy dirt from fabric surface.
• A minimum of water is added at this stage to maintain concentration of the detergent and further allow
permeation of the fibres.                         

Step 3: Stain dissolving




Dirt dissolves and completely separates from clothing.
• More powerful
water currents drive detergent into the fibres to dissolve dirt.
• Water is added at this stage to prevent
clothing damage and enhance detergent activity.

Step 4: Dirt separation


Completely lifts stains and dirt from clothes.
• Since
laundry is automatically weighed at the beginning of the cycle, proper amount of water is added at this stage.
• Vigorous
tornado-like water currents completely lift stains and extract dirt particles from fabric.

Step 5: Deep cleaning



Prevents removed dirt from re-contaminating laundry.
• In this final stage, clothes have already
absorbed a certain amount of water.
• Water in the tub is returned to its original level to ensure that dissolved matter does not re-attach to the

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