What is Multi Air Flow technology in Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerator?

Last Update date : Oct 14. 2020


Multi Flow works on every level—with small vents over each shelf—to maintain an even temperature throughout the refrigerator, especially after you open the door. By cooling every section of every compartment at the same time, it helps your foods stay fresher longer.




● With the Multi Flow feature, a stream of cool air flows through a series of vents located on every shelf level to create an evenly cooled environment. This helps to maintain an ideal temperature to keeps your foods fresher for longer.


● There are Air ducts for each shelf in the Refrigerator. Cold air enters from the back of Refrigerator via separate outlets for each shelf space, ensuring all food is cooled evenly. So, with the help of this technology your vegetable items placed in the Big Box at bottom of the Refrigerator will remain as cool as the Milk products kept at the upper shelves.



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