How to connect Galaxy watch with Samsung mobile phones?

Last Update date : Nov 15. 2023

On Galaxy Watch

Step 1: Turn on the Watch.

Step 2: Select a language to use and tap on OK.

Step 3: Select a country or region, and tap Restart.

Note: The Watch will turn off and then restart.


On Mobile Device

Step 5: Launch the Galaxy Wearable app on your smartphone.

Note: If necessary, update the Galaxy Wearable app to the latest version.

Step 6: Tap on Start.

Step 7: Select your Watch on the screen. If you cannot find your device, tap mine’s not here.

Step 8 Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the connection.

When completing the connection, tap on START and follow the on-screen instructions to learn about the Watch’s basic controls.

  • Connection methods and screens may vary depending on your Mobile Device and software version.
  • The Galaxy Watch is smaller than normal mobile devices so the network quality may be lower, especially in areas with weak signals or poor reception. When using your Galaxy Watch without connecting to a Mobile Device and a Bluetooth connection is unavailable, your cellular network or Internet connection may be poor or become disconnected.
  • When you connect your Galaxy Watch to a Mobile Device for the first time after resetting it, the Galaxy Watch’s battery may drain more quickly while syncing data, such as contacts.
  • Supported Mobile Devices and features may vary depending on your region, service provider, and device manufacturer.

When you connect the Watch to a new smartphone, the Watch will reset all personal information. When the prompt appears before connecting your Watch to a new smartphone, tap on Back up data to securely back up the stored data.


1.    Navigate to apps screen and tap on Settings.

2.    Tap on General

3.    Watch is connecting

4.    Tap on Continue.

After a reset, it will automatically enter Bluetooth pairing mode.

5.    On your new smartphone, launch the Galaxy Wearable app to connect to your Watch.

Note: If the smartphone you want to connect to is already connected to another device, launch the Galaxy Wearable app on your smartphone and tap on Menu → Add new device to connect with a new device.

Your Watch and smartphone are connected via Bluetooth. You can sync your smartphone to your Watch when both devices are remotely connected to each other, even though a Bluetooth connection is not available.

The Remote connection uses your mobile network or Wi-Fi.

If this feature is not turned on, launch the Galaxy Wearable app on your smartphone,

1. Navigate to apps and tap on Gear Wearable.

2. Tap on Watch settings.

3. Tap on Advanced features.

4. Tap on Remote connection.

5. Tap the switch to activate it.

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