Know all about S Pen in Samsung devices

Last Update Date : Mar 28. 2018

Styluses in Samsung devices plays an important role in making your life easy while operating advanced gadgets like Samsung Galaxy Note -ll or Samsung ATIV Smart PC . There is a lot you can do with an S-Pen or Digitizer or Simply a stylus , so know all about the "What and Hows" of S-Pen in Samsung Devices :  




       ● Now you can learn more gestures in your phone using S-Pen by clicking on A below.

       ● Click on B to learn how to text or send messages using S-Pen in Samsung

          Galaxy Note.

       ● To know how to edit an image using S-Pen, click on C             


  a    a     a  


       ●  To know what is Digitizer and its function, click on E below.

       ● Click on D to learn basic touch operations in Smart PC using Digitizer and fingers.

       ● To know advantages of S-Pen in Samsung Galaxy Note-ll, click on G below.

       ● Know how to cut an image or text using S-Pen in a smartphone by clicking F below.   


   a         a


       a         a     


      ● Why perform cut and paste functions using S-Pen in Samsung Galaxy Note-ll 

         click on K to find out.

      ● Now,replace the tip of your S-Pen if broken and click on J below to know how to do it.

      ● Know more about usage of S-Pen in your smartphone by clicking on L below.

      ● Click I below to know what is Digitizer in Samsung Smart PC.

      ● To know the changes in the styluses /  S-Pen in newer models

          to older ones, click on H below.  


 YT       D




    FDC      X


NOTE: We recommend you to know about warranty terms of S-Pen or Digitizer , click here to find out.  

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