Know all Unique Features of Samsung Dive

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020

Samsung Dive is made with a purpose to secure your Mobile even after its lost. Following are the features of Samsung Dive which one can take advantage of, to secure your phone and track its location as well.




● Lock my Mobile : Lock your phone using Remote Control. Click here  to know more about Lock my Mobile feature.

Track my Mobile : Know the location of your Phone. Click here  to know more about Track my Mobile feature.

● Ring my Mobile : Ring your Phone at highest volume. Click here  to know more about Ring my Mobile feature.

Retreive your Call Logs : Get the call list of your stolen Mobile phone. Click here to know more about Retreiving Call Log feature.

Wipe out my Mobile : Erase your personal data in your mobile from Remote location.
Click here
to know more about Wipe out my mobile feature.


NOTE: You need to activate Remote Control in your Mobile phone, to be able to use the above mentioned feature.

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