Using a Mic in Pro Video on my Galaxy Note20

Last Update date : Aug 24. 2020

Record videos like a Pro on your Galaxy Note20 & Note20 Ultra. In the Pro Video camera option you can now choose to record the audio using a USB mic, Bluetooth earphones or adjust between the Front, Rear and Omni mic on your device. You can now also adjust the decibles (dB) to help you focus on the voices and minimise extra background noises. Follow the below guide for more information.

Prior to following the below guide ensure that you have plugged in your USB mic or paired your Bluetooth earphones to your Galaxy Note20 or Note20 Ultra. Check out our guide Easy Pairing the Galaxy Buds for step-by-step instructions.

1 Launch the Camera app icon Camera
Launch the Camera app
2 Swipe to MORE
Swipe to MORE
4 Tap on mic icon to select your preferred microphone
Tap on Mic icon
5 Choose your preferred microphone option
Choose preferred mic option

omni icon Omni: Captures sound equally from all directions.

Front icon Front: Best for capturing sound coming towards the front of the phone.

Rear icon Rear: Best for capturing sound coming towards the back of the phone.

USB icon USB: Records sound through a USB microphone.

Bluetooth icon Bluetooth: Records sound through your Bluetooth mic or headset.

6 Adjust the Decibels (dB) to suit your preference
Adjust the decibel (dB)
7 Tap on record icon to start recording your Pro Video
Recording Pro Video
8 Once you have finished recording your video, you will be able to play back in the Gallery app
Viewing Pro Video

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