Using the Galaxy Buds Live Widget

Last Update date : Aug 25. 2020

Want to easily check that battery levels of your Galaxy Buds cradle or individual ear bud? Or perhaps you want to effortlessly enable Active Noise Cancellation or Block touches without having to launch the Galaxy Wearable app. Simply add the Galaxy Buds Live widget to your homescreen to easily check these settings and battery level. Follow the below guide for step by step instructions.

Prior to following the below guide ensure that you have paired your Galaxy Buds Live to your compatible smartphone, check out our guide Easy Pairing the Galaxy Buds Live for step-by-step instructions.

1 Pinch your screen to access your Home screen settings
Pinch homescreen
2 Tap on widget icon Widgets
Tap on Widgets
3 Locate and select the Galaxy Buds Live widget
Locate the Galaxy Buds Live Widget
4 Tap & Hold the widget then drag and drop onto your home screen
Darag & drop widget on home screen

If you are unable to add the widget or remove from Home is greyed out, you may have enabled Lock Home screen layout. To disable this setting head into your Settings Display Home Screen > toggle off Lock Home screen layout.

5 Adjust the widget settings then tap on the back button to Apply changes
Adjust the widget settings
6 You will then be able to enable/disable Active Noise Cancellation or Block Touches or Check the Battery Levels of the case and earbuds
Viewing Galaxy Buds Live Widget on home screen

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