What are the advantages of using S-Voice in Samsung Smartphones?

Last Update date : Oct 27. 2020

S-Voice is an application that comes with your Samsung device. It can handle some basic functions on your phone, including making a phone call, sending an e-mail or a text, searching the Internet, or even updating your Facebook status.



( S-Voice icon )

You can ask S-Voice to do all kinds of things on your Smartphones. Some examples include :


    ● Telling you the time.

    ● Setting an alarm.

    ● Turning Wi-Fi on or off.

    ● Telling you the weather forecast.

    ● Setting a count-down timer.

    ● Recording your voice.

    ● Opening an app.

    ● Playing a playlist.

    ● Adding an appointment to your schedule.

    ● Finding a local restaurant, store, or public location.

    ● Navigating to an address or location


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