What are the Settings option available in PEN.UP Application of Samsung Galaxy Note3?

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020

The PEN.UP application allows you to join an online community, follow your favorite artists and share your S Note creations. You can check the features and the options available in PEN.UP in settings option.

1. My Profile: It provides an overview of your account activity, followers, those you are following, favorites, posts, and series.

2. Recent Activity: It displays a list of the most recent activity on your account, including your posts, reposts, and comments left by followers.

3. Popular: It displays a list of the most popular artists, sorted by number of posts, reposts, and followers.

4. Everything: It displays a list of all posted and reposted art from all categories, listed in chronological order. The most recent artwork displays at the top of the screen.

5. Hall of Fame: It helps you to access exhibits from popular artists compiled by the PEN.UP team.

6. Categories: You can browse through the categories to find artwork organized by subject. When you post artwork, touch to see these listed as predefined tags. Choose from Animals, Characters, Collage, Comics, Doodles, Graffiti, Illustrations, Landscapes, Lettering, People, Political, SciFi, StillLife, and WallPaper.

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