What is Infrared(IrDA)?

Last Update date : Oct 12. 2020

Infrared is a new generation technology that is used to transfer data from one infrared enabled device to another by lining up the infrared 'eye' with other devices. The Infrared Data Association (IrDA) defines physical specifications communication protocol standard for the short-range exchange of data over infrared light, for uses such as personal area networks (PANs).

Generally in mobiles infrared technology is used for following purposes :


● Connecting to the Internet from a laptop via your mobile using IrDA.

● Beaming contact / business card / ring tones / pictures etc to another mobile.

● Installing software or backing up your data to/from a PC.

What is Infrared(IrDA)?

For sending data from Infrared Mobile to PC :


For sending data and Accessing Internet on PC please use PC Link software that is coming totally free with Samsung Mobile. For more information for data synchronization please refer to manual.

NOTE : For data transfer from Mobile phone to PC you need a Data transfer cable. Make sure that you have Infrared Data Cable.

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