How to adjust the Picture Quality in Series 6 4K UHD TV(KU6470)?

Last Update date : Oct 29. 2020

You can adjust the following Picture Quality settings manually for each combination of input source and picture mode.

Press Home Button on Samsung Smart Control → Settings → Picture → Expert Settings → Backlight → Adjust the Backlight

Pictorial representation to Adjust the Picture Quality in your TV is as follows:

a). Press the Home Button on your Samsung Smart Control, to access the Home Screen.  




b). Using the Directional pad on your remote, navigate to and select Settings.




c). Select Picture.




d). Select Expert Settings to configure advanced picture settings to create your preferred picture.




e). Select Backlight to begin configuring your screen settings.




f). You can adjust the Backlight by increasing or decreasing its value by pressing the Right Directional Button or Left Directional Button.




g). You can adjust other Settings as well to configure your screen settings.


● Brightness : You may adjust the overall brightness of your TV screen.

● Contrast : You may adjust the difference between the brightest a TV screen can get, and the darkest.

● Sharpness : You may sharpen or dull the edges of objects.

● Color : You may adjust the overall color saturation.

● Tint : You may adjust the ratio of green to red. Increase the green value to saturate the greens or increase the red value to saturate the reds.




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