What are the available Storage Device File Transfers in Samsung H series TV?

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020

The Samsung TV supports MSC (Mass Storage Class) USB devices only. MSC is a class designation for mass USB Drives. Types of MSC devices include external hard drives, flash card readers, and digital cameras. (USB hubs are not supported.) These kinds of devices must be connected directly to the TV's USB port. The TV may not be able to recognise the USB device or read the files on the device if it is connected to the TV via a USB extension cable. Do not disconnect the USB device while transferring files.




Below mentioned are some of the sharing nature between the devices :  



Storage device

containing media content

 Target device

 USB Device    

 DLNA Device, SugarSync,

 Dropbox, SkyDrive, Mobile Device


 DLNA Device

 DLNA Device

 USB Device

 SugarSync, Dropbox, SkyDrive

 USB Device

 Mobile Device

 USB Device


NOTE : When connecting an external hard drive, use the USB (HDD) port. We recommend that you use an external hard drive with its own power adapter.


Last Updated on: 30/04/2014

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