What are the Functions available while Playing Music in Samsung H series TV?

Last Update date : Oct 27. 2020

Press ENTER to access the following buttons. Pressing RETURN hides the playback buttons.




● Pause / Play :
Pause or resume the music.

● Rewind / Fast Forward :
Rewind or fast forward the music.

● Previous / Next :
Select . twice to play the previous music file. Selecting . once reloads the current music file from the beginning.

To play the next music file, select the . button.

● Repeat :
Set the repeat mode. Repeat One repeats the current music file only. Repeat All repeats all music files contained in the folder.

● Shuffle :
Play the music files in order or randomly.

● Select Speakers :
Choose a speaker to play the audio.

● Sound Mode :
Change the Sound Mode setting.

● Settings :
Create a playlist with the music file list. While playing a playlist, you can delete a track from the playlist.


NOTE : The actual options may vary depending on model to model.

Last Updated on: 03/06/2014

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