What is 3D Picture Test in Samsung H series TV(UA40H6400)?

Last Update date : Oct 14. 2020

NOTE : If you have not paired your 3D glasses with the TV, pair them first. To test 3D picture quality, the TV and the 3D glasses must have been paired.


Before you contact Samsung customer service for an engineer visit. We request you to perform a 3D Picture Test to ensure that the problem is caused by Samsung TV or from the connected device or broadcast. Put on the 3D glasses, navigate to Support > Self Diagnosis and select 3D Picture Test. The 3D Picture Test displays a high definition picture to examine the 3D screen for flaws or faults. If the test fails to identify a problem, there may be a problem with an external device or the signal strength.




Below mentioned are the scenarios to determine the problem as follows :


● If the test picture does not appear or there is noise or distortion, the TV may have a problem. Contact Samsung’s Call Centre for assistance.


● If the test picture is displayed properly, there may be a problem with the external device. Please check the connections. If the problem persists, check the signal strength or refer to the external device’s user manual.


NOTE : 3D Picture Test availability depends on the specific model.


Last Updated on: 26/05/2014

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