What is Screen Burn in Samsung Plasma TV's?

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020

Screen Burn in Samsung Plasma TV may occur when stationary images are displayed for a long time. This can cause uneven aging of Plasma displays that leave subtle, but permanent burned-in ghost images in the Plasma TV picture. Plasma TV offers various picture size features. You may use picture size controls to view different formats as a full screen pictures.



 (Picture displaying Screen burn at various areas of screen)


Below listed reasons may cause the screen burn in Plasma TV:

Using prolonged display of non-moving images.

● Playing high contrast games for long time.

● Watching certain broadcasts with tickers or flags.  


Prevention from screen burn while using plasma TV as monitor : 

● You should set up a screen saver that goes on after about twenty minutes.

● Screensaver is an active method of attempting to stave off screen burn. By ensuring that no pixel or group of pixels left by displaying a static image for extended periods of time.



 (Use Screen saver to prevent screen burn while using Plasma as monitor)


To avoid Screen burn in your device display panel follow these instructions :

Keep changing the programme and images after certain period of time.

● Watch mainly full screen moving images.

● Avoid watching stationary patterns or dark bars.

● Avoid keeping a static picture or a picture with static elements (black bars, black borders, logos, etc.)

● Make sure you change the image on your screen periodically.

● Reduce the brightness and contrast of the screen when it is displaying static elements.


NOTE: Burn in damage is not covered under warranty.

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