What is Screen Burn Reduction(Pixel Shift) in Samsung Plasma TV?

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020

To reduce the possibility of screen burn in, current model of Samsung Plasma TVs are equipped with a pixel shift function. This function lets you set pixel shift up and down (Vertical Line) and side to side (Horizontal Dot), and lets you set the time in minutes between shifts so that the image shifts slightly on the screen at specific time intervals.




The regular, timed shifting of the image reduces the possibility of screen burn in. The image shift, because it is so slight, is virtually unnoticeable to most viewers.


Important things to consider are as follows :

● The optimum pixel shift settings for your TV can be found in your owners manual.

● The pixel shift function reduces the possibility of screen burn in, you should set up and initiate the pixel shift function before you have a burn in problem.

● Pixel shift is available on Samsung Plasma TVs only.



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