QLED 4K - Breathtaking Sound QLED 4K - Breathtaking Sound

Turn it on and be transported into the scene itself. With breathtaking sound quality and the latest technology, the QLED 4K offers an immersive sound experience that will make all your content feel like it’s happening in front of you.

Active sound that tracks the object in the scene

Object Tracking Sound (OTS)*

Experience the vibrant nuances in every scene with audio that tracks every motion.
With dedicated up-firing and down-firing speakers, you can experience vividly realistic 3D sound that pulls you in closer.

*In Q80A only (except 50"), OTS Lite in 50Q80A, Q70A & Q60A.

Active sound

Auto-optimized sound to fit your space

SpaceFit Sound*

Enjoy an optimized sound in alignment with the installation environment, whether it is on the wall or on the table, providing an optimal sound experience.

*In Q80A & Q70A only

Space Fit sound
Space Fit sound
Samsung QLED 4K TV Sound

Never miss a word again

Active Voice Amplifier (AVA)*

Unexpected noises from your home can disturb your viewing experience. AVA amplifies the voices in the scene, so the dialogue is delivered clearly. Now watch TV without losing track of the conversation.

*In Q80A & Q70A only

Samsung QLED 4K TV Sound

TV and soundbar in perfect harmony


Along with the QLED’s two top speakers, soundbar’s speakers work together to create the ultimate surround sound experience. It enables you to completely immerse yourself in the content, in a way you have never experienced before.

QLED 4K TV Sound
QLED 4K TV Sound

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