Samsung Qled Gaming Tv Samsung Qled Gaming Tv

Gear up for your best gaming performance with an ultra-wide game view, low-latency HDR gaming and exceptional motion enhancements up to 4K 120Hz. Enjoy every action in every game lag-free with ultra-smooth graphics and no motion blur.

Exceptional motion enhancements in 4K 120Hz

Motion Xcelerator Turbo+*

Conquer every enemy, even at soaring speeds. With exceptional motion enhancements up to 4K 120Hz, you can enjoy gameplay with ultra-smooth action without lag and motion blur.

*Only in Q80A (except 50") & Q70A.

Qled Gaming Tv
Qled Gaming Tv
Gaming Tv

Game-changing scenes in their entirety

Super Ultrawide GameView & Game Bar

21:9 and 32:9 screen ratios give you the extra viewing area you need to maximize the gaming experience — and to win. Optimize your gameplay with Game Bar, an on-screen menu that lets you make real-time adjustments to screen ratio, input lag check, FPS, HDR, wireless headset settings and more.

* Super UltraWide GameView is available for ultra wide supported games and PC games only.
* Some game titles may not support or be limited in the use of this function.
* Screen resolution change from external device may be required.

Gaming Tv

Tear free, stutter free, low latency HDR gaming

FreeSync Premium Pro*

With Certified AMD FreeSync Premium Pro™ core technology, you'll experience reduced stutter and screen tearing as well as a superior combination of smooth gaming at peak performance, exceptional high dynamic range visuals and low latency for a true game-winning performance.

* Only in Q80A (except 50") & Q70A.

AMD FreeSync Premium Pro™

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