[Better with Bespoke] A Day in the Life – How Samsung’s Family Hub for 2021 is Delivering Richer Home Experiences

Providing a central hub that brings food, entertainment and smart functionality all together in a single package, Samsung’s Family Hub for 2021 is unifying and elevating experiences in the home like never before. A winner of the CES 2021 Innovation Awards six years running, the Family Hub continues to evolve with new features that add convenience, connectivity and delight to the kitchen.

One new notable service that can be used with the new incarnation of Family Hub is SmartThings Cooking, which makes food preparation a seamless culinary journey. With you from the initial moment of inspiration to meal planning, grocery shopping and eventually guided cooking, SmartThings Cooking is making keeping your family well-fed easier than ever before. SmartThings Cooking also synchronizes with the Cooking Board screen on the Family Hub, making it easy to switch between devices as needed.

Discover how Family Hub for 2021 and SmartThings Cooking can enhance home experiences through a day in the life of a family living in a home equipped with a Samsung smart kitchen.