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How to shoot ASMR videos with your Galaxy phones

ASMR videos are a popular trend on social media platforms. These aurally satisfying videos can be done for many different things, from baking to unboxing a new phone. But did you know that you can easily create your ASMR videos with your Samsung Galaxy phones?

Let us share with you some tips on making these videos!

How to get the best sound quality for ASMR videos

  1. Set up in a quiet room.
  2. Set up your phone on a stand.
  3. Activate the camera, scroll right to more, and turn on Pro Video mode.
  4. Choose the Rear mic option and adjust your decibel levels accordingly.
  5. Record your video.

Pro tips:

  • The Pro Video mode, an in-built feature for some Samsung mobile devices, allows you to control the videos you create as you can personalise your settings.

  • Before recording, test the sound captured on the different in-built microphone options, Omni, Front, Rear, or external microphone sources via USB or Bluetooth. You can then adjust the decibels (dB) accordingly to help improve the focus on your voice or products featured and minimise background noise.

Check out the ASMR video we have created, featuring the latest Galaxy Z Flip4. Recorded fully using the Samsung Galaxy S22 Pro Video mode with the Rear mic option, just listen to the ASMR sounds captured!

Creating ASMR videos does not have to be a challenge anymore. With these tips, you can go ahead and create some creative ASMR content of your own for your social media!