Can I return my order?

1. You may return your order within 7 working days from the delivery date, if the product is incorrect, damaged or defective:


(a) 'Incorrect'* means the product is not the product you ordered; the model/colour is different from what is indicated on your order summary; or there are missing item(s) or part(s) from  the packaging;

(b) 'Damaged' means the product is found to be damaged upon receipt;

(c) 'Defective' means product with technical defect where customer must refer to any nearby Samsung Service Centre for further advice.  


* Please note that if the product does not fit into your  home and/or interior cabinet, this is not considered as "incorrect' product and return of home appliance is not allowed on this basis. Therefore, customer is advised to ensure correct measurement of the home appliance before placing an order.


2. We reserve the right to reject any return or refund deemed unfit or unreasonable.

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