Water leakage in Samsung Front Load Washer during washing

Last Update date : Jun 27. 2022

When water leaks through door (diaphragm) during operation, it could be due to the following causes:

• Diaphragm is damaged or torn

• Wire diaphragm came off

• Foreign materials on diaphragm or door glass

• Poor sealing status




Checking the condition of diaphragm

• Check if diaphragm is damaged

• Check if wire-diaphragm came off

• Check if diaphragm is torn


Checking the condition of door glass

• If there are any foreign materials on door glass such as hair or dirt, water can leak through the gap between diaphragm and door glass. Clean them after every washing cycle

• Check if sealing part of door glass changes in shape


Sealing status

• Check if there is a small gap between diaphragm and door glass. Change the door-hinge if the gap is not caused by foreign materials accumulation

glass door

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