What to do when water dispenser does not flow properly?

Last Update date : Jun 29. 2022

If you have problems with the water dispenser in your refrigerator, you can carry out the following troubleshooting guide before contacting a technical service, since the solution can be given with several steps. 

Check the mode on the display

  • When the water does not come out of the dispenser, check to see if the Child lock mode is turned on. If the Child lock is on, press and hold the Child lock button for more than 3 seconds to release. 
  • If the dispenser is not locked, try to push the select button of Water, Cubed Ice, or Crushed Ice. In addition, make sure that you have selected the button to dispense water (Specific instructions may vary by model).
  • The water tank may have frozen because the set temperature is too low. Try to change the set temperature a little warmer on the display.
check the child lock is displays and turn off

Note: The actual design of the display may differ from the model.

Ensure that the water filter installed properly

The inside water filter connection may cause some problems. Find out if the inside water filter on your refrigerator is properly installed. If the water filter is not connected or inserted well, the water dispenser may not work. Make sure the water filter is locked in place properly. A clogged water filter is often a culprit of poor water pressure. You can also increase the water pressure by replacing the water filter in a timely manner.

ensure the water filter installed properly

Check the water line connection and the valve position

  • If you don't get any water from the water dispenser, you'll need to check the water line connection.
  • Check that the outside water line is connected to the fridge properly. The water supply valve should be turned on. 
  • Make sure the tube is free and clear of any obstruction. The water supply tube should not be kinked or crushed.
  • Normally the water line and water supply valve are located on the back of the refrigerator near a sink.
check the water line connection and the water pressure


  • The location of the water supply line may vary per product and depends on the location of the water supply pipes in the house.
  • More details can be found in the user manual. 

How to test the water pressure on your refrigerator

  • After checking the water line, test the water pressure. 
  • Dispense the water for a full 10 seconds. If the water fills less than 2/3 cup, you'll need to increase the water pressure of the fridge.
  • It is recommended that the water line should be installed by a professional installer. Therefore, if you are not familiar with it, please contact the customer center.

Tips to purge air from the water line

  • Water line air purging only needs to be done when the water filter or the waterline has been recently replaced or connected.
  • To purge air from the waterline, hold down the dispenser lever and attempt to dispense water for 5 minutes. If water begins to dispense, continue until all of the sputtering stops and the stream is steady (which may take up to 7-10 litres).

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