Always-on care, for your device

Last Update Date : May 06. 2020
always on care

This content is developed based on Galaxy S10, please note that some features may not be avaialble on certain models.

Always-on Care, for the device you always have on you.


For a device that is always there for you, support is always here. Samsung offers seamless, trouble-free service for Galaxy customers with always-on support through the Samsung Members app and our 24/7 helpline.




Support at your fingertips - < How to Get Help >


Find out how to access Get Help and various support features provided for you.


get helps



1 Open Samsung Members > Get help


How to Get Help #1 - Phone Care


Before using our 24/7 service, diagnose your own Galaxy and optimize performance.

  • Learn how to keep the device healthy with Automatic checks
  • Test hardware performance, such as camera and microphone
  • Delete unnecessary data and optimizing memory performance
  • Reduce battery consumption and speeding up your phone


How to Get Help #2 - < Live Chat >


Having trouble finding time to contact our Helpline? Try using our Live Chat service for real-time chat support to accommodate your needs!

  • When you prefer to chat because it is difficult to make a call
  • Whenyou require tech support while device is in use
  • When you try to solve a problem while receiving Live chat support simultaneously


How to Get Help #3 - < Remote Support >


If Call Helpline and Live Chat Service didn’t solve your problem, try using our Remote Support with tech experts on standby to solve your problems through your own devices.

  • When you need to check for device settings and various statuses during support
  • When you seek professional help to access your device through Remote Support


How to Get Help #4 - < Send Feedback >


Feel free to send us any additional questions or feedback. Be sure to be specific and provide details and you will receive our response with a push-notification.

  • When you unable to use real-time support, such as Helpline and Live Chat Service
  • When you find a software malfunction yet have no time to visit the service center for the check up


How to Get Help #5 - < Call customer service >


If there is a problem with your Galaxy, you can always contact our 24/7 Helpline call service, available from anywhere at any time. 

When you need immediate assistance with device-related inquiries.



You always have your phone, so we always have your back.

Samsung Members ‘Get Help’! Select your method and enjoy the seamless, trouble-free service,

now available 24/7!

Thank you for your feedback!

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