How to change game performance settings on Samsung mobile phone?

Last Update date : Jul 29. 2022
How do I enable Game Launcher?

You can activate Game Launcher via a heads-up notification. The notification will be shown the first time a game is installed on the device or games are added to a new folder. 

1 Go to Settings, select "Advanced Features"
advanced features
2 Go to "Game Launcher " and tap the toggle switch to enable Game Launcher
toggle switch for game launcher
3 You can choose to add Game Launcher icon in home screen.
toggle switch for game launcher
How do I optimized gaming experience ?

For an optimized gaming experience on the Game Launcher, try the performance control feature! There are 3 modes you can select to enjoy better gaming experience.


Activate "Focus on performance" mode for an optimized gaming experience, but keep in mind that this may use battery power
faster than other modes.


Activate "Balanced" mode for a good balance between game performance and battery usage.


Activate "Focus on power saving" mode to limit some performance and maximize battery usage.





1 Go to Game Launcher Icon and open it
toggle switch for game launcher
2 Tap the Game Performance icon
toggle switch for game launcher
3 Select a mode
toggle switch for game launcher
4 Tap Apply

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