How do I insert a SIM Card into my Samsung Galaxy S5?

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

Last updated: 16 April, 2014


Note: The SIM card information and its contacts can be easily damaged by scratching or bending. Be careful when handling, inserting and removing the card.



Inserting a SIM card


1.    Gently pry the cover off the device using the slot on the side.


2.    Lift the cover up and away from the device.



3.    Remove your device's battery.


4.    Carefully slide the SIM card into the SIM card slot.




Note: Make sure the card's gold contacts face into the device and the angled corner of the card is positioned correctly.  If the card is not inserted correctly then the device will not detect the SIM card. Reorient the card and slide it back into the slot if your device does not detect the SIM card after you turn it back on. There is a MicroSD slot above the SIM card slot. Be sure to insert the SIM card into the correct slot.


5.    Re-insert the battery into the opening on the back of the device and make sure the contacts align. Gently push down to secure the battery.




6.    Replace the back cover.


7.    Press along the edges of the back cover until you have a secure seal that clicks firmly into place. 

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