What is Bixby Vision?

Last Update Date : Apr 13. 2018
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In this FAQ:      

• What is Bixby?

• How to set up Bixby?

• How to open Bixby Vision?

• How to adjust Bixby Vision Settings?

• How to translate or extract text with Bixby Vision?

• How to search for images using Bixby Vision?


What is Bixby?


Bixby is an artificial intelligence assistant, available on Galaxy S8 and later models, designed to help you accomplished more from a single screen.

It offers the following 4 key features:      

• Home: This is the main page of Bixby which studies the user’s behaviours and recommends content suitable in different circumstances, ensuring convenient use. To access Bixby Home, you can swipe right on the home screen or press the Bixby button located on the side of your device      


• Voice: Allows you control your phone and apps using voice control   

• Vision: Recognises object images, provides information related to the recognised images, searches for shopping items, and offers translations

• Reminder: Memorises requests made by the user, and notifies the user of them according to the set time, location, and situation


Supported languages are: English, Korean and Chinese

Please note: This article is using Galaxy S9/S9+ as an example. The navigation path might be slightly different for models such as Galaxy Note8 and S8/S8+

How to set up Bixby Vision?Click to Expand

Bixby adapts automatically to the user but can also be manually customised to display preferred information.

Please note: You must have a Samsung account and your device must be connected to a WiFI or Mobile network

1 From Camera app, tap on the Bixby vision (eye) icon on the left side of the sceeen
Bixby Vision Icon

Select Auto and tap Bixby Vision icon

2 The start screen will appear, tap START
Bixby Vision start


3 Review and select the terms and conditions then > Tap OK
terms n conditions

Review and accept terms and conditions

4 Grant permission for Bixby Vision to access pictures, videos and locations
Allow Bixby

Grant permission to take pictures and video

Bixby Vision

Grant permission to access pictures and video

bixby location

Grant permission to access device's location

5 Add Bixby vision to Home and Apps Screen
bixby home

Add Bixby Vision to Home and Apps screen

How to open Bixby Vision?Click to Expand
1 Go to Camera app
camera app

Tap Camera app

2 Tap AUTO mode
auto mode

Select Auto

3 Bixby vision (eye) icon will appear on the left side of the screen
Bixby eye icon

Tap Bixby Vision icon

How to adjust Bixby Vision Settings?Click to Expand
1 Launch Camera > Tap Bixby Vision
2 Tap the Menu button (three vertical dots) in the upper right corner of the screen
point the camera

Tap more option

3 Tap Settings > Tap the toggle to turn on or off specific settings

Tap Settings


Adjust specific settings

How to translate or extract text with Bixby Vision?Click to Expand
1 Launch Camera > Tap Bixby Vision
2 Point the camera at the text

Tap Text Icon

3 The selected text will automatically translated to the preferred language
scanned item translated

Selected text is translated

4 Alternatively, tap on Text icon > Translate

Tap Translate

How to search for images using Bixby Vision?Click to Expand
1 Launch Camera > Tap Bixby Vision
2 Scan an item to capture it
3 Tap image to search for similar images
tap bixby image

Tap Image to search for similar images


Display a list of similar images

For more information on Bixby: http://www.samsung.com/global/galaxy/apps/bixby/

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