Why SIM card cannot be detected

Last Update date : Apr 08. 2021

You can try to restart your phone, if problem insists, you can refer to below steps.


First, we need to determine whether the error is with the SIM card or the SIM card slot.



You will need to prepare either another phone or another SIM card to perform for this.

Either one of the device will determine the possibility of the issue. 





Not Detactable

Existing SIM card with another phone

Possible, existing phone's SIM Slot may be faulty. Please send to nearest service center

Possible, SIM card faulty. Please refer to Telco provider

Existing phone with new SIM Card

SIM slot is not faulty. May be caused by existing SIM card faulty. Please refer to Telco provider

Possible, existing phone's SIM slot may be faulty. Please send to nearest service center



1. Please restart phone after changing SIM card to allow system to detect

2. Kindly ensure both testing device is function well before testing



After testing, if find out is sim card faulty please refer to Telco provider.

If existing phone's SIM slot may be faulty, please continue refer to below steps.


Note: Please do not forget to back up your phone data.



When SIM card is cannot be detected, there are other possible causes:


1. SIM card is not inserted proberly.


Solution: How to install SIM card proberly.



2. Loose SIM card slot will caused the card losing the connection with the reader of the device.


Solution: You can try to apply some pressure to the slot check again if the slot hold the SIM properly.



3. Dust over the slot and SIM card reader making the slot incapable of reading the card properly.


Solution: Gently wipe the contacts or use compressed air to remove it.




Take note: Do not apply excess pressure on the slot as it might cause permanent damage.
If you are not able to fix it please take a photo to the store or visit our nearby service centre.

Book Appointment service is available.








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