Using Smart Interaction Voice Control

Last Update date : Nov 20. 2020
Using Smart Interaction Voice Control

There are two ways to give your TV voice commands.

  • Through the built in Microphone on the TV.
Through the built in Microphone on the smart remote


The commands are the same but using the microphone on the remote can help when the ambient noise is too loud for the built-in microphone on the TV or the TV is too far away from the seating area. The instructions for delivering the commands are the same but when using the remote you must press and hold the VOICE button when delivering the commands. Be sure and hold the VOICE button before you speak, the entire time you are delivering a command, and the whole time the TV is processing the command. If you release the VOICE button before the TV has processed the command the voice command will not be completed.

To use voice commands follow these steps:

1.     Confirm that voice commands are enabled and your viewing environment supports voice control.

2.     Say the trigger word. (Default trigger word is "Hi TV" but can be changed to "Smart TV")

3.     When the trigger word is spoken a command list will appear on the TV.


Important: If the command list does not appear the TV may not have heard you. Try using the microphone on the remote instead of the TV's built in microphone. Restart this guide from Step 1.

4.     Say the command you would like the TV to perform.



  • Speak in a moderately loud voice but do not shout.
  • Speak slowly and clearly.
  • Try adjusting some of the voice control settings in Voice Sensitivity to increase voice control usage for your viewing area.
  • If using the remote be sure to hold down the VOICE button until the command processes.

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