The one remote control of QLED TV

The One Smart Remote You’ll (Probably) Ever Need

Nov 06. 2017

Gone are the days of picking up the TV remote control only to find it’s not the right one. The One Remote (that comes with your QLED TV) is the universal remote that actually works. Not only is it able to control the many devices connected to your QLED TV , this smart remote is even capable of delivering what you’re looking for at your voice command.* So say bye bye to TV remote control annoyances and hello to one effortless controller.

Hold on, just one TV remote control!?

Yep! The One Remote Control is a new and easy way to make QLED TV functional and fun. It provides an experience that is now as simple as the past was complex. Instead of multiple remotes to keep track of for your multiple devices, the One Remote Control offers an easy way to access many of them via your QLED TV. No more pushing buttons in vain because you have the wrong remote in hand, and no more scrambling for the correct remote so you don’t miss your show. (Just make sure you don’t lose the One Remote Control in the couch cushions.)

  • QLED TV using auto source recognition technology to detect what kind of device was plugged in
  • Three guys sitting and watching QLED TV

This TV remote control takes out the guesswork as well

From Blu-ray to games to USB drives, there are a bunch of devices plugged into our TVs, and who among us can actually keep track of all that? The QLED TV uses Auto Source Recognition technology to automatically detect what kind of device was plugged in and where it is; then the One Remote Control makes it simple to control these detected devices on the QLED TV. So you can just access your game console with the One Remote Control and get in the game without fumbling around.

  • Smart hub of QLED TV to find what you are looking for in a simple way
  • A couple sitting and watching QLED TV

Plus, finding something to watch is incredibly easy

There’s so much available on TV these days, it can be difficult to choose, but even more difficult to actually find something! With the One Remote Control, sports, movies, cloud gaming, and more are all easily accessible via the Smart Hub. It makes it simple to quickly find what you are looking for as well as discover new things. Need a new show? There’ll be a good recommendation when you turn on the TV. Or if you want to pick things up where you left off, it’s simple to do that too.

  • Using voice interactions on the QLED TV
  • A man watching sports via the smart hub

And you can go ahead and tell this smart remote what you need

If you know exactly what you want and don’t want to bother with buttons, just use your voice. With the One Remote Control, you can speak to it and you’ll access content, adjust settings, and more. Whether it’s switching to a device connected to your TV, switching to a particular channel, searching for a TV show, or even looking for your favorite cat videos online, you only have to give the command and the QLED TV will deliver. Now that's smart!

A little kid using smart remote to control QLED TV

What’s more, there’s no need to learn how to use the smart remote

Sometimes the house is full of people, young and old, and some people opt out of the fight for the TV remote control because that remote is just too complicated to use. The One Remote Control has an intuitive design, set up to make things as easy as possible. So make sure you’re good and limber before family movie night, because you’ll have some fierce competition over the One Remote Control.

Smart view app to control the QLED TV using smartphone

And the best thing is, you don’t even have to put your phone down

Be honest, if you’re not reading this on your phone, your phone is right by your side, right? And even if you’re watching TV, chances are your phone’s right in your hand. With the One Remote Control, you don’t have to put your phone down when you need to change the channel, because control’s already in your hand with the Smart View app. You can simply tap into the Smart View app and control the QLED TV that way. And you’ll already know how to use it, because it functions on Smart Hub , making it just as simple as using the One Remote Control.

This is a commercial video communicating the core benefit of Samsung One Remote Control, which is able to control multiple devices connected to your QLED TV with a single remote control.

Yes, it’s true, the One Remote Control makes life easier for everyone in the family. Whether you’re watching live TV, accessing cloud games, or popping in your latest Blu-Ray movie, the One Remote Control puts them all at your fingertips. And in conjunction with the Smart View app and Invisible Connection, great content’s never far. Now if only it could make popcorn, too!

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  • *  Voice command features will only work within the programmed command set. See your TV manual for specifics.
  •   Auto Source Recognition and controlling function may not be supported by certain devices connected to Samsung Smart TV.