Work from home

* The keyboard shown in the image is sold separately.

The way we work and learn is changing. We're no longer tied to spaces like the office or the classroom. We have flexibility and more freedom to work and learn even at home. And Samsung Smart TV makes it easier.

Home office at the ready


Working from home can be easy when you have the Samsung Smart TV.
Simply click on Workspace to connect to your PC wirelessly — even if it's back at the office. And pick up right where you left off. Add a wireless keyboard and you can get to work right away. Turning your home into a flexible workplace is truly simple with Samsung Smart TV.

  • * TV and PC must be connected to a network.
  • * Depending on the network environment including the firewall configuration, router type, and wireless signal strength , connection problems may occur, such as low speed, disconnection, or limited connection.
  • * PC must be on - not sleep mode or in power-saving mode - to be connected remotely from your TV.
  • * Remote connection to a PC requires the PC to have a password set and have the same password entered on the TV screen.
  • * PC must be set up to allow remote connection to be connected from TV.
  • * Manual Connection to is only supported for Windows 10 Professional or higher and Mac OS X10.5 or later.
  • * Easy Connection to Screen app is available on Windows 10 or higher.
  • * PC accessories such as mouse and wireless keyboard are sold separately.

The smarter way to get the team together

Samsung TVs with Google Duo

Go big and gather your entire team instantly from the comfort of your living room to easily make calls with video call applications like Google Duo.

  • ※ Localization Guide: Please input relevant URL in [*] below by each region to let consumers acknowledge service availability or compatible devices.
  • * Additional compatible Samsung SlimFit cam, Logitech webcam or mobile camera required (please visit [*] for more information). Sold separately.
  • * Call recipients must also install the Google Duo app.
  • * Service may be changed/stopped without prior notice.
  • * Google is a trademark of Google LLC.

Your home is also your school

When your home is also your school and classroom, it's important to stay engaged. Feel as if you're in the classroom and study better with the Samsung Smart TV. The big screen makes your online classes feel more immersive, almost as if you're there in person, and it helps you focus on the subject matter by giving you a better view. And with easy access to cloud-based Microsoft 365, whether you're working on group projects with your classmates or handing in assignments, your Samsung Smart TV makes things easier.

  • * Accessories such as mouse and keyboard that are needed to work on documents in Microsoft 365 are sold separately.
  • * The user must sign up for Microsoft account.

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In case you missed anything

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