Super Big TV

See the bigger picture

Have the confidence to go big and surround yourself with an epic viewing experience. From spectacular picture quality to compatible designs, there are more reasons than ever to buy a Super Big TV. See why so many others have gone big and never looked back.

A Super Big TV shows a landscape scene that expands beyond the screen while a man holding a coffee cup stands in front of it.

Bigger screen, bigger experience

Expand your view and your viewing experience with a Super Big TV.

A thumbnail image of a Super Big TV size simulator video -A cozy living room with a 43 inch TV.
A 43 inch TV mounted on a wall in a living room displays a man wind surfing. For comparison, the TV size increases to show a 65 inch model, then to an 82 inch model. Zooming in to the surfer, the phrase, “Experience immense viewing” appears. A new video begins, focusing on a 43 inch TV mounted on a living room wall and displaying an aerial view of a busy beach. The TV size increases to show a 65 inch and 82 inch models. The frame zooms in to a baby with sunglasses on an innertube. The wording “Spot every last detail” appears. The frame pans away from the display to show the full living room along with the phrase, “See the bigger picture” followed by the Samsung logo.

The shopper's choice is to go big

A couple stands and points at big screen TVs while shopping.

People want larger TVs.

A resounding 8 out of 10 consumers made the switch to a bigger screen.

A laughing and smiling family of four are sitting closely together on a sofa enjoying a big screen TV.

No one regrets going big.

What's more? 98% of consumers who bought a Super Big TV said they are highly satisfied with their purchase.

* The above contents are based on research conducted by Samsung and IA Collaborative.

Why go big screen?

Everything looks better when it's bigger

Thrills of the stadium experience at home.

Super Big TV brings the excitement of live action into your living room with clear and brilliant picture quality.

A group of five men sit around a coffee table while watching and cheering excitedly for a soccer game on a Super Big TV.

Samsung refines the big screen

Trust Samsung to create exceptional innovations that enhance the Super Big experience.

True 8K Resolution

Immerse yourself in QLED's 8K screen and dive into another world. Packed with an incredible 33 million pixels, it's a new visual experience that gives you a taste of true realism up close.

* Available only in QLED 8K series.
A view of a mountainous landscape filled with colorful hot air balloons in the sky is divided in the center to demonstrate two different resolutions on the same size TV. The 33 million pixel 8K display on the right is sharper and more vibrant than the 2 million pixel FHD display on the left.

AI Upscaling

See upscaled images in 8K/4K quality with Samsung QLED's unique AI-powered machine learning process. No matter how big the QLED TV, see all the stunning details clearly thanks to the optimized upscaling solution that Samsung provides.

* Available only in QLED series.
* Viewing experience may vary according to types of content and format. ‘AI Upscaling’ may not apply to PC connection, and certain conditions of Game Mode.
* Available only in QLED series.
A 2019 Samsung QLED TV with AI upscaling technology showing optimized picture quality by processing three parts of an image of city near a beach on the screen.

Game Mode

Run your games on a bigger screen with optimal graphical settings and still have clear and uninterrupted lines of sight. With advanced features like lower input lag and Dynamic Black Equalizer, you will always have full control of your games.

* Available only in models from RU8000 series or higher.
When playing games in Tv mode, game control is not smooth.
This shows Minimal Input Lag of Samsung Super Big TV's Game Mode. As the input lag is minimized, the user can control the racing car without stuttering. You can see the smooth racing on the right side of the screen.

Magic Screen

Your Super Big TV transforms your space even when it's off. It will be a part of the décor when using Magic Screen to show off decorative art, family photos or useful information. Change your TV to fit your space with no high costs.

Available in QLED models only.
* Service specifications vary by region and model.
the various options for Ambient Mode.
Transform your space with style. The 2019Q LEDTV carries two new special décor mode options: light grid and linear dot patterns. Basic info mode and photo mode as well. The motion shows how 2019 QLED's Ambient Mode smoothly blends into the living room décor.

See how big with just your arms

Still on the fence about a big screen tv? Hold open your arms. That amount of space is enough to get a better viewing experience any time you turn on the screen. So, calm your nerves and enter into new worlds of entertainment by going big.

A man stands in front of a wall mounted 75” TV with his arms open to show that the TV fits within his arm span.

Bigger is better anywhere

See how Super Big TVs enhance any surrounding

Wide view of cozy living room with daylight from out of the window. A Super Big TV is hung on the wall. On the screen, a man is enjoying surfing.
In a living room with white simple interior, a woman wearing a sportswear follows a yoga posture while watching a yoga training program on Super Big TV screen.
A family of four have gathered for breakfast, and a Super Big TV in Ambient Mode displays the weather forecast and date: "28 degrees Celsius, Seoul, cloudy. 7 March Wednesday 10:08 am."
On the left, a family of 4 is watching a movie with a woman snorkeling and a shark following behind her on their Super Big TV while on the right, a man is sitting in a grey-toned living room watching a night cityscape on his Super Big TV.

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